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Discussion in 'Techie Discussion' started by Maljonic, Jan 10, 2004.

  1. Maljonic

    Maljonic Can't get enough of FH

    Thought I'd start a new thread for this as you're probably sick of my transferring stuff woes. :)

    My message board is working brilliantly now except for this appearing when you pm someone:
    Failed sending email :: PHP ::


    Line : 234
    File : \\nas07ent\domains\m\\user\htdocs\phpBB2\includes\emailer.php

    I know I've seen it before, I think it just went away on its own the last time. Despite what it says, the messages are getting sent but it just looks bad. Can I fix it easily; well, obviously I can't, I mean can someone help me fix it easily? :)
  2. wyrd_fish

    wyrd_fish Fledgling Freddie

    posting line 234 of "\\nas07ent\domains\m\\user\htdocs\phpBB2\includes\emailer.php" would help
  3. Jonty

    Jonty Fledgling Freddie

    Hi Maljonic

    Try heading over to the PHPBB Support Forums, and either searching for, say, 'Line 234' or 'emailer.php' or posting a new topic. They might be your best bet.

    Let us know how you get on
  4. Maljonic

    Maljonic Can't get enough of FH

    I didn't think it would but here you go:

    324 message_die(GENERAL_ERROR, 'Failed sending email :: ' . (($this->use_smtp) ? 'SMTP' : 'PHP') . ' :: ' . $result, '', __LINE__, __FILE__);
  5. Cenuij

    Cenuij Regular Freddie

    This is just a generic call to the phpbb function that outputs formatted error messages ( message_die ).

    By default phpbb will try and use sendmail as your MTA. This is confirmed by the error message itself showing the line.

    Failed sending email :: PHP ::

    Check your general board config and make sure the path to sendmail is correct. Of course if your site is hosted it's conceivable that whoever's hosting the site may use something like exim instead of sendmail. Check with your host.
  6. Mike

    Mike Fledgling Freddie

    The error is an ongoing one since about 2.0.3.

    They continually try to fix it, and appear to have solved it for me in 2.0.6, but some people still have problems.

    The way around it is to use SMTP, rather than a sendmail-type-thing.

    Other than that, turn off debugging, and put up with it.
  7. Cenuij

    Cenuij Regular Freddie

    Or configure his board correctly...
  8. RoboStac

    RoboStac Fledgling Freddie

    It looks like a windows host from the \'s , so you need to change sendmail for the windows equivalent (probably smtp?)
  9. wyrd_fish

    wyrd_fish Fledgling Freddie

    using backslashes to escape chars is a PHP trick aslo...

    pissed me off a while ago that one... theres a clean string function some where

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