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Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by JBP|, Jan 20, 2004.

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    for those who may be intrested i just stumbled upon this.....

    This posting is from IW-Avatar (Infinity Ward) today on

    The patch got delayed by minor stuff like cvars people found you could cheat with, restarting the whole testing process.

    It would've been better probably if we'd just set a cutoff date and gotten that patch out, then got another out later, but on the other hand it minimizes the amount of patching new players have to do before they can play the game, so I can see it both ways.

    You probably don't see much IW posting anymore because we tend to stay focused on the next mile rather than the last one.

    That said, there's still some good stuff on the horizon for CoD. The new gametype in the patch in particular is a lot of fun I think.

    Question by Jeen:
    So IW-Avatar: if you could provide us with an educating guess when the patch are out ,we all should be much obliged.
    In the coming month?

    Answer by IW-Avatar :
    That's the other reason you're not going to see us post much when there's something looming on the horizon like a patch.. cause the only thing people want to know of course is, when is it coming out?

    It would surprise me personally if it took another month for it come out, but then again I don't think anybody expected it to take so long to begin with.


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