Omg Albs win fairly ??


Fledgling Freddie
Feb 3, 2004
Last night after the heat died down in bg1, around 12.30 am, all that was left was 3fg <round about> 1fg albs, 1fg mids ,1fg hibs. This makes a change from the normal Alb Zerg <im an alb and i admit it>, and i have to say in all my days in bg1, this was the best night ever, and more satisfying that alb kicked your butts every time lol, without a zerg, and without a fg of infils, lmao, albs winning fairly? surely not, bravo and grats to the mids and hibs last night for a very enjoyable bunch of fg vs fg fights, lets hope we can do it again tonight.
ps - i apolagise for the bit of mtk camping at the start but some albs take a bit of persuasion to get thier asses back to mb.

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