Oki, here's all the thing's im lookin' for atm..


Fledgling Freddie
Feb 5, 2004
Full sc'd and MP Nightshade set of armor.


40-60 dex
40-60 str
40-60 con/hitpoints

8 to Envenom and Stealth

also need some capped resists (Thrust and slash mostly)

any other +'es to the armor (procc's, health value, endregen etc etc)
WILL! be appreciated

and my Nightshade is piercing//critical strike specced mostly so dont need blade NS SC'd armor ;)

also need 2 weapons.

1) Easmarash stinger
2) and Darkened vine Dirk

Both these are Galla-weapons.

if not possible i need 2 normal NS weapons MP (not any rapier)

hope to get any replyes soon as possible.

one last thing is....

post your price along with the armor + stats etc so i know where im standing, and so i know how much i need to beg for// farm my self ;)

Also need full Hero sc'd set (dont haft to be MP this time!)

hero is specced in Shield/spear.

dex/str/hit's 60+
also con 60+

and resists in Thrust // Slash (capped)

Also need Verdant spear cheep if anyone got?

And a >!UBER!< shield for blocking and such.

other goodies on the sc'd armor will be appreciated aswell.

as before, post price+stats and ill contact u as soon as possible.

Thx in advance if u gt any of this (or dont!)

Nichii rr2L3 n00b Nightshade

live long, and healthy.
(Especially Squallion/Vodcafairy)


Luver of Buckfast
Dec 23, 2003
would it not be easier to just get a MP leather set and make this yourself?

then you would be 100% happy with it and not have to settle for some stats that go over/under etc


Fledgling Freddie
Jan 26, 2004
1. Get 75 in str/dex/con/qui and 200 hits with your nightshade... Also +11 pierce/stealth/critical strike/celtic dual... You can swap some armor parts when you poison your weapons... 26 in all resists
2. Same as 1 with hero, but no qui.. +11 in all the skills you use...
3. You wont get stinger, like noone is selling them...
4. Wait till toa before you get SC... You will need new set there with +melee damage etc...

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