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Dec 22, 2003

does anyone know where i can find an extension that basically caches pages so you can see them offline?



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Dec 22, 2003
Hi pcg79

Firefox has native offline support, but it's sadly never been that good. This is compounded by the fact that the files (for whatever valid reasons) are not individually accessible outside the browser, like, say, IE.

Your best bet is to clear the cache, or make sure you have a suitably large memory figure in the cache option (Tools > Options), then go browsing the pages you want to save. When you're ready, choose File > Work Offline then use the history to navigate through the offline pages.

You can also type 'about:cache' in the address bar to see what has been cached, but the results aren't all that elegant.

Two things to bare in mind. Some pages, regardless of browser, will not cache because of the way in which they're designed (either accidentally or purposively). Secondly, if you try and access a page when you're not connected to the Internet, but you're not working offline, then that request seems to clear any cache you may have had for that page, which is most annoying, so be sure to always check the option is enabled :)

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Dec 22, 2003

Gcache 0.2.1! <-- is this wot u mean?

llows you to check the page you are browsing in the google cache. Can be handy if the server is down or the page is changed. It will add an entry called "Gcache This Page" to your contextmenu.
Version 0.2.1 also allows you to open links using Gcache Link from the context menu.

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