Fledgling Freddie
May 8, 2005
Wont get as much time to play as I thought the first many months (Nightshift) --- Sooo I role a sb to enjoy meself with til I get more time for a group class of some sort.. Been thinking and playing around with the character builder, and come up with this allroundish spec

***(New to assasin's, only experience is from bg's ...so please dont laugh if its gimpy!)***

RR1- Whant spymaster and arties done before rvr, so got plenty of time to find a nice spec. or get help from someone inhere to a similar playstyle spec as mine (whant pa---creepingdeath+backstab2 and good wepskill)..

: 8+10poison - 36+11stealth 44+11axe 39+11laxe 39+11cs :
2nd snare poison - 47stealth - axe wepskill - laxe hit rate - cd chain

The reason that makes me dodge poison is that I dont wanna fight 100%str. based characters anyway, fast caster/stealther kills and maybe a sitting cleric now and then..

And btw! Heard something about mezz poison's? Is that a ml thing, or craftable? Thats it, all input will be appriciated!

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