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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Watchh, Mar 4, 2005.

  1. Watchh

    Watchh One of Freddy's beloved

    owned myself... forgot to pay houserent :wanker:

    Biggest problem is i'd like to get back the items that were in the CM ..

    I tried the Bankers in the market like some1 told me, but seems only for vaults.

    Is my best chance to setup a new house at the same lot, put up a new CM and hope it's all there ?... maybe some1 who has had same problem can give me some advice..

    All help appreciated
  2. Kais

    Kais Banned

    lol noob xD
  3. Watchh

    Watchh One of Freddy's beloved

  4. eSo

    eSo Can't get enough of FH

    when you buy a new house and set up new CM, the items will be there.
  5. Helme

    Helme Part of the furniture

    olololol nQQb mzn!1!! :m00: :m00: :m00:

    Anyways, I heard some dude at Erikstaad market would give you the CM items back aswell, don't qoute me on that thought(you prolly will)
  6. Solarius

    Solarius Fledgling Freddie

    No need to buy a new house just to get these items back! Just go the the market in the starting zone in your housing area (Meath for Hib ect), and there are two NPCs who don't have a title (like Merchant ect) who are the bankers for personal and guild CMs
  7. eggy

    eggy Fledgling Freddie

    You don't have to buy a house on the same lot, anywhere will do.
  8. Zenythe

    Zenythe [GOA] English Servers GM

    Hi There

    House and CM banker info! NO you don't have to buy a new house to get the stuff off your CM. In each main marketplace (as in the first one in the housing area) there are NPC's who hold onto your stuff for you... the following contains the details!

    The 8 "House Bankers", you can find them in every markets in the Foundations zones. For the two NPCs dealing with consignment items, you will only find them in the first market when you enter the housing zone.
    Albion : Caerwen market :
    Vivian : personal merchant
    Fyren : guild merchant

    Midgard : Erikstaad market :
    Ulfar : personal merchant
    Drafli : guild merchant

    Hibernia : Meath market :
    Shyla : personal merchant
    Kineth : guild merchant
  9. Knolan

    Knolan Fledgling Freddie

    is there actually a sort of timer on those merchants?

    here is the case,

    a m8 of mine left to play WoW for a month or 2, he asked me to look after his house, he gave me allover acces but forgot to make me able to pay the rent.
    so after a month the house was gone and i cant touch the stuff that was on the CM or in the vault.

    the house lot costed 97p btw thats a bit redicilous.
  10. IainC

    IainC English WAR Community Manager

    Only the character who actually owned the house can use those merchants. There's no timer that I'm aware of.
  11. Ging

    Ging Part of the furniture

    well u guys can sort out where all the stuff from our old guild house has gone - this ofc is something u promised to do over 1 month ago and we still havent heard anything. The request as made by Zags who is one the current GM's of GoL.

    There was 200-300p worth of stuff in there......
  12. IainC

    IainC English WAR Community Manager

    Yes I have that report sat in my inbox at the moment. As I explained recently to that query though, we have identified a possible issue with the way that Guildhouse Consignment Merchants and House Vaults work. We passed on our suspicions to Mythic when we first got the report and are still waiting for a reply. It's not something we can fix ourselves as the vault system is hardcoded into the game. As soon as we get an answer from Mythic you'll get an answer from us.

    Unfortunately it's not likely that we will be able to recover the items unless Mythic know a secret way to recover a number that has been overwritten by a new number. If it is possible we will of course let you know.
  13. Eyeball

    Eyeball Loyal Freddie

    hi fellow n00b :>

    i had the same as you forgot to pay rent and items in cm where gone etc, i bought a new house + cm and my old items where still in the new cm.
  14. Watchh

    Watchh One of Freddy's beloved

    Tnx alot for the info, and fast reply.. got all my stuff back :cheers: just need to wait till my house lot drops from 60plats a bit :D
  15. seeph

    seeph Fledgling Freddie

    hahaha 2 dutch noobsters :) hia dudes

    just be glad in IRL u can be behind 4-5 months :)

    btw wtf is up with BUYING a house and then paying rent.
    i bought my house and have a morgage, but i payed my daoc house in full where is mythics so called love for realism :)
  16. collegien

    collegien Can't get enough of FH

    Try not to think of it as "rent" .. more a local tax for the upkeep of the area .. afterall the lawns and lakes are kept lovely and neat and clean fer your morning swim etc. Plus them markets cost money to build .... btw caerwent market could do with a drop of paint... I may be askin fer a discount ;/

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