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Discussion in 'Return to Castle Wolfenstein / Enemy Territory' started by nocte, Jul 25, 2002.

  1. nocte

    nocte Guest

    as u may have noticed the new server setup has arrived, and it goes like this:

    BarrysWorld - Check Point (1) - FF, PB
    BarrysWorld - Objective (1)
    BarrysWorld - Objective (2) - FF, PB
    BarrysWorld - Objective (3) - FF, PB
    BarrysWorld - Objective (4) - FF, PB, GOTY
    BarrysWorld - Objective (5) - FF, PB, Tram
    BarrysWorld - Stop Watch (1) - OSP, FF, PB
    BarrysWorld - Stop Watch (2) - FF, PB
    BarrysWorld - Stop Watch (3) - FF, PB
    BarrysWorld - Stop Watch (4) - FF, PB

    Obj 2/3 and SW 3/4 are 6v6, and SW 1 has OSP installed.

    If you dont have OSP installed pop along to their website: and download the client. Remember to read the readme for installation instructions.

    Warmup time should be increased to 40 secs.

    and a new PB command that kicks any player with a -12 score, so watch those accidental panzer kills.

    any questions post here of feel free to email me.

  2. herrfoth

    herrfoth Guest

    Good stuff - havent tried them yet cause im in work - but one question.
    On the objective servers can you get it so that it plays 2 or 4 rounds rounds but swaps teams. The most frustrating thing with objective mode is playing the same team over and over.
  3. Why are the SW servers AB, and not ABBA?

    It's not.
  4. nocte

    nocte Guest

    Hellpenguin: will get it sorted as soon as i can.

    herrfoth: if u can find a map rotation structure that does this please pass it on to me through email.
  5. Now the warmup is 40 seconds on both rounds. It only needs to be long on the first one, to give everyone time to load the map. :rolleyes:
  6. nocte

    nocte Guest

    i am leaving it as is, as i have bothered nat about it too much.

    40 secs is enough, what if peeps are joining inbetween rounds?
  7. .cage

    .cage Guest

    from what i've seen your time would be better spent practicing than moaning. He's doing a good job. leave him be.
  8. No, he is NOT doing a good job. The servers are misconfigured, and it takes weeks to fix even the simplest things. But you obviously know that, since you're resorting to ad hominems... :rolleyes:

    And when did you ever see me play?
  9. nocte

    nocte Guest

    do u fancy doing my job??

    i get loads of requests for server altereations per day. i cant implement all these changes the same day.

    The BW Server admins do their best job to try and get things i ask them to do as soon as.

    You do realise that there are other game servers other than rtcw for the server admins to deal with. they are doing the best job they can, and tbh if u think u can do a better job then go ahead. But untill u realise what goes on behind the scenes of the servers you cant really moan.

    I need to do what is best for the community, not the thoughts of 1 - 2 people.

    And what exactly would u call doing a "good job" i think i would class that as actaully listening to what the public wants and trying to get it on teh servers, u have no idea what kinda of things i have to deal with, i do have a life outside of liaison duties, most people fail to see that and demand server changes on the spot.
  10. .cage

    .cage Guest

    a few times, actually
  11. pointygit

    pointygit Guest

    I have one on my site

    This has 4 rounds of each map, swapping teams after 2 rounds. It also has a long 1st round warmup (45 secs) for map load and short warmup for the following 3 rounds (10 secs).

    If you like it modded in any way then please contact me.


  12. pointygit

    pointygit Guest

    Also, why is there no PB on Obj #1 and no Tram. I know Tram is hard and frustrating for Allies with FF off, but with the above config at least each side gets a go at being Panzer bait ;)


  13. Embattle

    Embattle Guest

    HellPenguin just fuck off and die.
  14. nocte

    nocte Guest

    The is no tram on obj 1 as too many people were camplaining about it being on all servers and taking 40 mins to get to the next map. So it was decided to have a Tram only on rotation on the GOTY and Tram Only servers.

    as for the PB i will look into it.

    Also i got some nice rotation scripts from fothy. cheers anyway m8
  15. Thank you for your support.
  16. nak

    nak Guest

    You're very welcome.
  17. .cage

    .cage Guest

    be careful nick, disregard every whim of the BBA, and the fearless knight lord x-cal will smite you with his sword!

  18. can i joine digetal heracy m8z? cuz u r good clan kthx a/s/l cage?
  19. .cage

    .cage Guest

  20. Oh no! Now I'll never be the next Xatom. :(
  21. nak

    nak Guest

    Who? ;P
  22. .cage

    .cage Guest

  23. Testing its all new to me

    Just testing its all new to me !!!
  24. Just testing its all new to me !!!

    Is it me???

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