mp and 99% for sale

Discussion in 'Crafting and Trading' started by zenda, Jan 13, 2004.

  1. zenda

    zenda Fledgling Freddie

    mp lvl 51

    plate gauntlets 1.5p
    Leather jerkin 2.1p
    Leather pants 900g
    leather sleeves 600g
    Cloth cap 500g
    Cloth dress 900g

    plate 99% lvl 51

    leggings 500g
    gloves 200g
    breastplate 1.1p
    plate crown 600g

    chain 99% lvl 51

    coif 700g
    crown 700g

    cloth 99% lvl 51

    boots 50g
    vest 220g

    leather 99% lvl 51

    jerkin 350g
    helm & leggings 220g
    boots & gloves 80g
    sleeves 150g

    all for sale in Rilan,Grassington /houseface 373

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