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Discussion in 'Midgard' started by GimmlyTheDorf, Mar 21, 2005.

  1. GimmlyTheDorf

    GimmlyTheDorf Banned

    Moderna PL Session - Friday 25th March - To when ever we dinged 50.

    I will hold a moderna pl session with the groups I choose will be to pl your new cata alts with no hassle geting a moder group etc since it be madness so im doing a set group from friday to when ever we ding 50. This will be a set group so if you cant stay for the times were doing or going to not show up or going to leave please do not sign up.

    Time :

    We will do 8am to 9pm each day from friday morning with a few breaks in thin the day so be there at friday at 8am GMT 9am CET and no im not doing all nighters 13 hrs is enuff each day :(.

    Start time(as above) is 8am (9am cet) meeting at moderna - at the SE zonewall.

    I will have my 2 chars there - my sm and leech.

    BG will be open on Penetrating prolly 15-20 mins before start time.
    Group will be as follows:

    Full Supp SM: Penetrating (My SM)
    Full Supp SM:Squeakie
    Full Supp SM:
    SM's Leech: My Leech
    SM's Leech: Squeakie's Leech
    SM's Leech:
    Out of grp Pac Healer Leech:
    Out of grp Shaman Leech:

    Out of grp High Pac Healer(50 pac is very nice):
    Out of grp Shaman(Need fop):

    I would like the pac healer to have as high pac as possable 50 pac is awesome but I can handle 40+ pac. Shammy must have fop its a must.

    Please Sign up and I will pick the group in a day or 2 if enuff people has signing up please please dont sign up if you cant do the times.

    And shammy can you post if you have fop or not and healer add your pac too please.


    Could a mod please sticky this.
  2. Darkmack

    Darkmack One of Freddy's beloved

    Signing up with Fayte will be 50 Healer by friday 44 Pac

    25% Spell Duration on Fayte aswell so stun should last extra long ;)

    If i'm not 50 with Fayte will use Prygler lvl 50 healer 45 Pac

  3. blueman

    blueman Fledgling Freddie

    il join whit my sm and a leech

    Blueman or rawlin is the sm's they are identical.
    il join whit one of them.

    just every one....remember to lvl ut new chars to lvl 5 atleast and chose a proffesion before u get to moderna. just for thouse that forget to do it
  4. Brite

    Brite Banned

    would like to join up with brites, shaman, ml5, Capped resists/stats with ToA 9%casting speed 22% heal 25% buffs blah blah ^^
  5. matrix

    matrix Fledgling Freddie

    can bring either,sorry Matris(shammy) is having a break this weekend :)
    Name: Rahan
    Class: healer
    Level: 50
    Spec: 46 pac,28 mend
    RR: 4
    RA: pr1,di1,moh3,
    (25% to Buffs)

    Name: BMF
    Class: SM
    Level: 50
    Spec: 50 Supp
    RR: 4
    and ofc leech
  6. Acibeth

    Acibeth Fledgling Freddie

    Why dont you start the old way and explore the new catacomb's areas with all the new stuff it offers, instead of PL'ing in moderna all the time? What fun can that be... you know end goal is artis and RVR (which is crap anyway), so why not enjoy the leveling time and watch the new areas from the beginning :eek:)

    Just my thoughts :)
  7. GimmlyTheDorf

    GimmlyTheDorf Banned

    Group Is off !

    Sorry to say guys but the grp is off thx to goa fucking it for me and the rest of the ppl in the UK for cata as god knows when I get mine copy of cata its just a load of bs for the english as usual Requiel is full of crap about sending out stock now no1 has received the game apart from everywhere but the UK.

    So cheers goa you fuck turds.
  8. Starwind

    Starwind Can't get enough of FH

    Gimply you never fail to talk shite, to think GoA should build there world around a pipe end like you.
  9. Aeris

    Aeris Fledgling Freddie

    very very well said :D

    i for one will be taking my new character into catacombs to level it to 50 the fun way :)
  10. Yma

    Yma Fledgling Freddie

    Considering both the warlock and the valkyrie will be nerfed in 1.75, one of the most important reason to get cata should be to have fun in the new zones ... or am I wrong :wub:
  11. Aeris

    Aeris Fledgling Freddie

    valkyrie? how can they nerf an already poor char?

    or did i miss something :p
  12. Moriaana

    Moriaana Loyal Freddie

    Its a class in Midgard. Since when did it have to be any good? Midgard classes always get nerfed anyway :p

    Well.... except Thane anyway. But seriously, how would they nerf Thanes? :D

    Ooh I know, take away our sticks of celery so we have to use lettuce to beat things up with :twak:
  13. Gotrag

    Gotrag Fledgling Freddie

    your right god cant belive i just told somone from Talon's Reach they was right :eek:

    although Yma was always the smart one
  14. Liff

    Liff Fledgling Freddie

    You are wrong!
  15. GV-Miera

    GV-Miera Fledgling Freddie

    have to wait untill thuseday aswell to get my copy of the game... but there are still enough other things to do, so just have fun, they can't help it the distribution is going slow.
  16. Funkybunny

    Funkybunny Banned

    atm my warlock is lvl 17 and its a mix of questing and old zone xping... and its ALOT more fun then moderna.. and i learn how to play this char wich is very .. different... :)
  17. Granville

    Granville Fledgling Freddie

    tbh i was thinking of moderna'ing as i quit once after getting fed up with the EXP slog. changed my mind tho, i will see if i can get groups and have fun lvling and if i do then great :).
  18. Overdriven

    Overdriven Not a sandwich

    Was leveling my Valk with Gotrag before I came to Switzerland. Tis a very nice char to play with รถ
  19. Huntingtons

    Huntingtons Resident Freddy

    yes rly, all bad mid chars get nerfed... Savages, ow wait... they were ver OP. BD's... wait... they didn't get nerfed. Pac healers... ow... again... no nerf. Warlocks, yeah... they should deffo get nerfed...

    such hipochricy.

    and why is the endgame shit? rvr is the only thing in daoc worth doing ;x
  20. Overdriven

    Overdriven Not a sandwich

    BDs have been nerfed 3 times now tbh oO

    2 SI times,
    1 Catacombs Times
  21. Megarevs

    Megarevs Loyal Freddie

    wtf is over powered with Pac healers? you must be dreaming or something...
  22. Brite

    Brite Banned

    mega m8s your OP !11111!!!1one!111eleven!!!!11
  23. Megarevs

    Megarevs Loyal Freddie

    can i be fotm too? /beg
  24. Funkybunny

    Funkybunny Banned

    omg stfu you fotm healz0r...!.. j00 instastunw0nder...
  25. Megarevs

    Megarevs Loyal Freddie

    \o/ YAY im OP & FOTM like sorc :D:D:D
  26. Overdriven

    Overdriven Not a sandwich

    LoL at last 3-4 posts xD

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