Ml8 Sunday 20th March Leaving Aerus at 7.30

Discussion in 'Midgard' started by Awarkle, Mar 14, 2005.

  1. Awarkle

    Awarkle Fledgling Freddie

    Ok ml8 will require the following pre recs.

    8.5 Get this quest started and even possibly complete it will save a lot of hassle but i think i can BG it on the day.

    Ml8 will be difficult talos especially therefore can AFK people please not apply.

    They are quite difficult so find a group or some guildys you got under a week to get them so shouldnt be too hard. Btw dont ask me to help you as ill be doing these with heresy.

    BG join Cavewark when you get to aerus it will be open at 7.00pm GMT and not before so dont pm me asking when its up. we will be moving from aerus at 7.30pm GMT so turn up early.

    Ill start a leader CG and invite you to it.

    AFKS & LDS

    Right its getting very tiring having to wait on people who AFK die or LD every 30 seconds. I understand that lds are beyond your control but think before you join.

    1. Am i going to be available for this whole raid (i am for about 2 to 4 hours / not including emergencies / loo breaks)
    2. Is my Computer going to be lding every 30 mins
    3. Am i going to turn up on time IE 7.00pm gmt

    If you cant be available for the whole raid then tbh i dont want you on it, its anoying having to repeat everything i say, wait for people stuck or afk dead, and struggle on encounters because 50% of the bg is non responsive.

    I want to see realistic numbers when i bg count Bots are the only people allowed to afk on this raid and thats because i asume they are being controlled by a person on a main account

    I havnt invoked my 5 second BG removal before the .10 encounter dies but im getting pretty close to doing it.

    Ill be turning off PMS during this raid if you need to say it say in Battlegroup so everyone can see. If people ask me to repeat a step it will be to the descretion of the battlegroup, some exeptions will be if the step is on a fast timer doenst require pre rec requirments and is fairly easy. IE we havnt spent 40 minutes killing a mob and you miss it because you were afk and died.

    My word is final if its getitng late IE towards 12 oclock i may just rush through the ml and if you miss a step sorry but deal with it organise your own raid.
  2. Awarkle

    Awarkle Fledgling Freddie

    bumpyty bump.
  3. TommyJ

    TommyJ Fledgling Freddie

    Well looking forward to the bg zerging.. cya at the time and place specified ;-)
  4. Awarkle

    Awarkle Fledgling Freddie

    just so you know ive changed times to tommorow same time same place same bg same rules this due to the relic raid i didnt really think i would be able to pull you off so tommorow IE monday :)
  5. Belgerath

    Belgerath One of Freddy's beloved

  6. Mevos

    Mevos Loyal Freddie


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