ML7 prereqs Sunday 22:th of may 12.00 CET


Fledgling Freddie
May 27, 2004
Howdi all!

Time: 12.00 CET
Place: Inside Volcanus Heaven

Please sign up here and ill keep this thread updated with spots in group during the day (if we dont get enough people this will be posted here also)

1: PacHealer: Mikky
4: Caster: Slirioc (warlock)
6: Tank: Dolly (Skald)
7: Tank: Rack (Skald)
8: Augshaman: Storlaga

Im not sure if Rack is the same skald as sent me a message as Agg the other day. If so please say so here.
Lotto as usual: random 100 highest wins 1 win per person until all has gotten 1 win. Then we start over and keep rolling.


ps. If possible bring a glove if not I have a glove bot we can use! ds.

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