ML5 BG Raid, Sunday 17-4, 17:00 GMT (18:00 CET, 19:00 EET)


Can't get enough of FH
Apr 20, 2004
Let's get fop! :p

A few simple rules.

1) DONT USE SHAPEFORM OF ANY KIND! This is quite important to understand, I'm quite tired with people using som and not getting the mummy form.

2) DON'T CURE THE BLOODY DISEASE! Yes, you're ML1 perfector, you wouldn't be able to get in the dungeon without achieving that much, however don't cure that disease! In fact, take the spell off your quickbars!

3) DON'T TALK TO NPCs! Not unless I tell you to! They don't give out the sword of doom if you talk to them, you're just fucking us up.

4) DON'T PULL ANYTHING TILL I TELL YOU TO! No need to further explain this, is there?

5) You must have done the group steps beforehand. You MUST bring the 3 items of the Ways with you.

Everything will be lotto'd on the spot apart from the remains, which I'll lotto in a tower/keep. Hence after the main lotto, we just port Druim Cain, regroup there and zerg NF.

The raid is quite straightforward, nothing bugged on the BG steps (nothing so far at least in my raids), only problems arise from people not following the above instructions.

For the sake of better communication, I'll have a CG for groupleaders, this is where LDs etc will be reported.

I hope everything is covered (tho I'm sure that 1-5 will take place :p)

See ya there! I'll be on with Manouli

PS: If for any reason I don't get to do the group steps (bugged etc) the raid is cancelled.


Fledgling Freddie
Mar 11, 2005
a be there on ml 5

oke here i am back too i need my Fop on my druid :)

so i be there her name snoepy

greetings Candytje


Fledgling Freddie
Oct 25, 2004
looking forward to it last i may get my FoP :)...Figbot inc


Fledgling Freddie
Jul 24, 2004
I will like to come with my bb Qvatolja . and i think its a good idear with the CG for groupleaders if we come to be lot of players .. nice choice


Part of the furniture
Dec 22, 2003
another nice raid Gear, just wish people would actually LISTEN to you now and then!

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