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Discussion in 'Albion' started by knighthood, Mar 8, 2005.

  1. knighthood

    knighthood Fledgling Freddie

    Ok for that other thread, since my ML1 and 2 went ok, ill run a ML4 on saturday. Usual Rules for lotto is FFA and blah blah ect... Done ML4 on enuf chars to know the steps well and VoS is there for backup. And theres allways a shitolad of peeps that PM or say in the BG little bits of info during the raids so im up for leading it. Happens i need it ofc on my Cabby..

    The only problem is Albions total lack of being Arsed to do anything as of lately so i very highly doubt well get the numbers for 4.2. Thats why im setting this now to give people fair warning of the raid..

    4.1 - Collusus
    4.2 - Sekhmet and his buddies

    Omg !! Shock horror i hear u say, no 4.4 as a pre ? nope
    If u want and CAN do it beforehand thats up to u. But every ML4 i been on its a pre.. well not this one, i feel like taking a large force and zerging them bastard Mau Zergs in a full on battle. Some people dont have a Mincer with SoS or 40000 sorcs to help them get the step either..

    Well hope to see u there, remember we need a lot of peeps <4-5fg id say for 4.2 alone>

    Cheers :touch: Albion
  2. skorpio

    skorpio Fledgling Freddie

    Can you post the time you are thinking about doing it please ?

    Thanks in advance
  3. knighthood

    knighthood Fledgling Freddie

    Yes.. that might help lol
    Fuck me id foget my own head if it wasnt so amazingly handsome and perfect.

    7pm GMT m8 <-------

    Wooot :touch:
  4. Bugz

    Bugz Fledgling Freddie

    Will be on my way with cleric ^^.
  5. kirennia

    kirennia Part of the furniture

    Will be there but just have to say,

    Did it solo on my cleric many a time (and unbuffed mincer/wizard) :D
  6. Ashton

    Ashton Loyal Freddie

    if u want GSV i would definately do this step before hand and leave the group when the mau killing commences :p

    Its easily soloed on a scout or any ranged char also, kill the green con mau, sprint to water and dive, wait for the agro to clear, go back n pick up the sunstone. simple as that :)
  7. Nullifidian

    Nullifidian Fledgling Freddie

    will be there on my mins :)
  8. moronian

    moronian Fledgling Freddie

    i ll be there m8 with denal :))
  9. Infilly

    Infilly Fledgling Freddie

    Ill be there with Froboz my wizzy
  10. Maggot

    Maggot Fledgling Freddie

    Just a question.... how are you planning to get 4.2 done as a press?
    When there are more peeps needed to do a step then a fg, then it's usually a bg-step. And i'v never managed to get into the 4.2 place with a fg (or even a little more then a fg, ofcause we could have been "gimps") so what tacktic are you gonna use? Would be verry handy info to have.

    Another thing i saw whas you let 4.3 out from the press... aint it gonna take rather long for the bg to run around in the desert hunting that darn lion? i'm not sure but i think the respawn on him is about 30 min- 1 houre? Would take a while to get that step done for whole bg imo since only 1 group can get credit at a time. Or have they changed 4.3 from groupstep to bg-step?

    These are just questions i tried to ask in a friendly matter. Allready got all steps done exept those at the pyramid. And i will try join the raid, exept when you doom you'r faction at 4.4, i want.. i need that faction to be good :p
  11. knighthood

    knighthood Fledgling Freddie

    Prolly cos i was half aslepp when i wrote it.. lol sorry

    4.3 is the prestep not 4.2
    Oh come on, anyone with even the slightest knowledge of ML's knows what i mean and if they didnt theyd soon be told by someone when they went to do 4.2 lol. Still my bad.. :wanker: <--- Me
  12. knighthood

    knighthood Fledgling Freddie

    Ash them things follow me forever, even agrod me once after 5 mins of sitting near the haven after i lost them, u think u can dive underwater and lose agro b4 the Item disapears off the floor ? . Well ill give it a try..

    Ok then, better make this step a pre then as a lot of people want the mau faction kept neutral/friendly i spose... lol this raids going bad before it even started :clap:
  13. Gremon

    Gremon Fledgling Freddie

    Just some hints / tips.

    1) 4.2 can be done with 32 people. Its just a matter of cooperation / instruction of the group leaders.
    Make sure after you have wiped a tent camp at a town one group leader is staying at the tent camp after you have instructed him to do so. Leave a group (Or portion of a group) that can quikly kill 2-3 yellow con mobs.
    After tent camps are down, kill the Town with remainder of the zerg, Assign one group to that town, and tell the group, to send out one or 2 people with speed regularly to check the tent camps. If 1 laborer gets to a camp and gets it up, your raid will have to get back to that town and kill everything again.
    When at Fort, assign one group to kill escaping laborers and rest kills all mobs in the buildings, apart from main building, call in the 3 groups from the towns and when they arrive, enter main building and kill 4.2 mob.(Don't let it be killed in a wall)

    2) Make sure at every encounter before 4.7, you collect the gems you need for 4.7

    3) 4.7 Bring zerg to one statue. BG will get credit at first statue. Take your group past all statue's to activate them, let zerg wait close to Pyramid. (Bring a group to statues, as sometimes there are some naste mobs at the statues, you won't be able to kill fast if you don't have group.) Make sure heads turn on statues and when last statue turns, you should get a broad message, saying portal is opening (If not, one of the staues is not activated). Don't let zerg wait at the foot of the pyramid. if 4.9 mob pops, he can easily wipe the zerg when it is standing there unorganised half afk.

    Follow VoS and these hints and tips, and your raid should be finished within 3 hours.
  14. Heheyougotboned

    Heheyougotboned Fledgling Freddie

    damn it....

    cant be here saturday...ah damn unlycky me
  15. Ashton

    Ashton Loyal Freddie

    m8 i would never post ''advice'' unless i know from personal experience its correct/achievable. in this case i have done it about 10times on my scout, for myself and various different ppl.

    best of luck with the raid :)
  16. kirennia

    kirennia Part of the furniture

    Just pick a small spawn and kill all the yellows before attacking the green :p Do it solo and they come as yellows one at a time. If a cleric can do it, anyone can :p
  17. BlackrazoR

    BlackrazoR Fledgling Freddie

    I'll bring meh scout to piss you off quarter ^_~

  18. geeza

    geeza Fledgling Freddie

    Ml 4

    hopefully cu there. :D
  19. knighthood

    knighthood Fledgling Freddie

    Oh fuck, who let him have a Freddyshouse account :p

    Also i tried to pull them to get to the green and all i got was PROTECT THE CARAVAN !! ect and had to run like hell :p

    Nm, ill use my friar to lead it, cabby pisses me off atm lol
  20. Arelas

    Arelas Fledgling Freddie

    The is allways 4.1, 4,3 and 4.4 there are pre-step to ml4
  21. Eeben

    Eeben Fledgling Freddie

    what time is bg up ???

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