Ml4 BG Raid Saturaday 12th March 7:30GMT

Discussion in 'Midgard' started by - English -, Mar 11, 2005.

  1. - English -

    - English - Resident Freddy

    Sorry for such short notice, I am timing it a bit later on as a) im working till 6gmt and b, theres ml3 at 12gmt iirc. BG will open 7:15GMT, and moving around 7:40 ish. (sorry for other peoples planned raid, but im desperate for this ml:p)

    Do these trials before a raid:
    4.1 Colossal
    4.3 Eye of Ra, Roar
    4.4 Valuable Stone (solo)

    Then we will do them in this order:
    4.2 Fortress of STorms
    4.5 Jann
    4.6 Oukesson
    4.7 Iter Statues
    4.8 Daehien
    4.9 Gaurmaes
    4.10 Matikhoras

    Will need Bloodstone, Eye of Ra and Sunstone if anoyone has them, not sure if i have :p

    Will be using VOS as a guide as ive vertually noidea on ml4, raid will go ahead if there are 3fg or more.

    Loot will be randomed at the end, i cba claming anything cos its lame.

    cya there i hope
  2. Peaches

    Peaches Loyal Freddie

    Will come with warrior,have bloodstone,eye of ra and sunstone so will bring in case u need.
  3. - English -

    - English - Resident Freddy

    just dont get worried people if im not on till 7:15gmt, will be otw home from work :)
  4. majik

    majik Banned

    will be there
  5. Sidus

    Sidus Fledgling Freddie

    I'll be bringing myself (healer) and all the necessary items
  6. Kalba

    Kalba Can't get enough of FH

    couldnt you do this tomorrow?

    So many ML raids on saturday allrdy :EE

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