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Discussion in 'Albion' started by Red HATred, Mar 18, 2005.

  1. Red HATred

    Red HATred Fledgling Freddie

    tuesday 20.00 Cet i'll be starting a series of ML 3 pre quest hunts.

    we will leave from aerus haven.. and go straight to the temple.

    While hunting for eggs and swords we'll deploy a scout in the field to go trace mouggy.. that evil fish.

    so the more ppl that show up at once.. the longer it may take..; BUT..; the more there wil be ready for the BG raid again.

    i'll do a series of pre quests.. so no fear, if you can't make it this time, there wil be others... all leading to a bg raid eventually.
  2. Kalhid^^

    Kalhid^^ Fledgling Freddie

    me - sorcer
    nurya - theur
  3. geeza

    geeza Fledgling Freddie

    ml 3 pre's

    wil try to b there m8,
    will bring my scout if i get ml 1 bg steps done . :p
    thnx in advance..
  4. Danamyr

    Danamyr Fledgling Freddie

    When is the next ML3 BG?
  5. Red HATred

    Red HATred Fledgling Freddie

    i'll make a small add to this quest ...

    while farming swords and eggs... if we have the power or team to do it.. there also could be a Morai farming...
    So we clear the hallway.. some get eggs and swords.. we do morai.... we redo the hallway .. and finish the missing swords..
    We can even hop up and down the hallway a couple off times....

    So ppl that would be interested in morai loot, ml xp, or something alike...

    This could be appealing to them as well..

    It would also make it possible to get mouggy for sure, and have the number needed.
  6. Red HATred

    Red HATred Fledgling Freddie

    well.. all depends on the succes and output rate of the pre quests...

    Ml 3 isn't a raid that most ppl really love...

    I think that it will be verry hard.. to get a decent number off ppl motivated to start immediatly, so i'll see how many pop up for pre quests... that would also give an idea on the number of BG attending ppl...
  7. shamoun

    shamoun Fledgling Freddie

    be there with buffmatic ...42 enchant ...33 rej
  8. Red HATred

    Red HATred Fledgling Freddie

    i'm going to cancel this raid .....

    since that stupid idiot... arelas... keep on interfering on the days i want to hold raid, keeps on interfering in attempt to create something...
  9. Oboy

    Oboy Fledgling Freddie

    CĀ“mon iron, its better that u lead a bg raid then that stupid arelas /dismiss to him.
    I would join and i know more ppl that do since u did a great job on ml5 raids. :clap:
    Dont let :wanker: like him spoil the fun
  10. Infilly

    Infilly Fledgling Freddie

    Yes the same Iron think more peeps would join u, and tbh i dont think he will get the turn out that he needs
  11. Red HATred

    Red HATred Fledgling Freddie

    Nope, i really cba. I just can't stand these inconsiderate pricks. If he wants to own temple of twilight with raids.... he can do it.

    The only real problem i have with em is the fact that he's so fucking blind to ignore posts from ppl stating that they are preparing a raid of some sort... and doesn't even bother to considder the other ppl...

    ah well...

    i'll just give him what he wants...
    He's been flamebaiting for a while now... he's going to get it now..
  12. Dimmer

    Dimmer Fledgling Freddie

    Why flame always

    have to ask... Red HATred, where in this post have you set a date for BG steps at same time as Arelas? He's making a BG raid you making pre steps don't se the problem here...
    Btw why flame others that help people out always? you aren't exactly the one on FH that takes things calm and speak nice to others. I've personal been to some of Arelas's hunts and they go fast and smoth, even you post here
  13. Red HATred

    Red HATred Fledgling Freddie

  14. Galoma

    Galoma Fledgling Freddie

    Sadly i have never enjoyed ML3 either... but belive me Arelas's ml3 aint the worst in the world... yes his statement about him makeing a ML5 raid wasen't a nice 1... but lets face it both of u gave som :puke: to each other...

    Iron, u are a good ML leader... :) hope u keep it up... btw... catacombs comming out... there will be a ton off newly PLed chars in 10-14 days who needs MLs... there will be lots off ppl there if its of any interest... so noumbers should not be a problem there like it might be atm ^^

  15. geeza

    geeza Fledgling Freddie

    lol, yea m8.. u can run a ml 1 with 32 heratic's :D ( seeing as there most likely b fotm ) lol :p

    for the sake of albion ' and in the wake of this hib/mid uprising, u raid leaders should talk to each other rather than quarell,, work together guys, u all do a sterling job

    and just 4 the record, ive never enjoyed any ml raid, i think they sux tbh,
    but thats got nouthing to do with the guys that run them, thats just my stress levels,, lol ( ie keeping up with the zerg, id's , getting lost, no credit,
    lag, unbalanced grp's , and peeps not listening ) not fun ...cheers mythic.

    Now im prolly gonna have to upgrade my pc, ready for cattacombs lol
    still 3 more chars to grind to 50, same shit differnt scenery :p lol

    ps. oh man srry 4 waffle, us oldies sometimes go on a bit... :m00:
  16. Booze

    Booze Fledgling Freddie

    oi, is pre quest 3ml still on? (as i only need necky)

    is it possible to solo Shaman(NECKY) with Sorc's pet full buffed? ^^

  17. Dimmer

    Dimmer Fledgling Freddie

    ok Red HATred I just had to ask about it cause I really don't understand why all that flaming all the time, actually thought most flamers isen't real players as I always se the sae persons spend 10 hours+ on this board writing stupid comments to others.

    thx for your time though

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