ML1 BG hunt Friday the 5:th, held by Fedaykin alliance


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Dec 23, 2003
Fedaykin alliance will do a ML1 BG hunt Friday the 5:th. Other guilds outside Fedaykin are welcome to join in and if you are planning of doing them on your own on Friday, please consider joining up with us.

You need to have completed the solo and group events to be able to finish the 1.10.

Here are the BG events that will be done and the order we will make them:
1.7 Rassa, The Monument
1.9 Harpies, The Crown
1.8 Azures and Rubies, The Ruby
1.3 Chiefs, the Greater Good
1.10 Cetus, Conquering the Sea

Meet in Haven of Vulcanus at 21.00 CET

BG will be held by Otho

Some advice/rules:
Please be there in time
Use the /bg groups to find groups with free spots and PM the groupleaders for spots.
Do not forget water breathing potions
Do not use BG for selling items, discuss non raid issues etc
The key from the 1.10 will be lottoed between those doing the raid to complete the ML1.

21.00 CET

Haven of Vulcanus

Bring crafted underwater breathing potions.

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