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Dec 22, 2003
Personally I'm going Sojouner, neither is brilliant but I just think it'll be more useful over all :) I'd like the stealth nodes in Convoker but none of the other abilities really interest me much. I don't think any other class in albion can get Sojouner either, might be wrong but I think it's minstrel only.


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Dec 23, 2003
According to the book i got with the ToA CD's you cant get convoker, its warlord.

Not that im choosing that path anyway, the ML2 underwater breathing will be very usefll.


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Jan 7, 2004
I think warlord is mainly if you are into using siege equipment often.

Im going sojourner mainly for the abilities at ml8 and ml9. Phase shift gmakes you immune to dmg for 10 seconds and forcefull zephyr fires off a nasty entity that drags yer enemy to your ground target (this cant be purged or anything and they cant attack). :)


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Jan 7, 2004
just put in your sig...

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1) remove the stars.
2) swap '' with the url you wish to link to.
3) swap 'click me for pr0n' with whatever text you wish to show for ppl to click on.

End result is...

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Have fun. :clap:


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Dec 31, 2003
I chose Warlord because its a grp friendly ML line:

1 Siege Master - reduce all siege timers (load/aim/fire) by 30%
2 Bolstering Battlecry - heal power, fatigue, and health by 10% of max
3 Cowering Bellow - frighten realm enemy monsters, to stop interrupting friendly casters
4 Resillient Will - next spell cast on nearby allies has additional 5% chance to miss
5 Guided Strike - next attack from nearby allies has +10% chance to crit
6 Energizing Aura - 20% discount on fatigue costs for nearby allies
7 Cleansing Aura - Reduce strength of DoTs on nearby allies by 10 points every 3 seconds
8 Defending Martyr - sacrifice health to heal allies
9 Leadership - raise levels of friends for dmg calcs


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Feb 8, 2004
Altho I think both is crap I chose Warlord, Sojourner seems like the worst line tho.


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Feb 17, 2004
I -think- as of 1.68..

1: siege master - no timer.
2: bolstering battlecry - seems to be on independant timer, not sure atm.
3: cowering bellow - independant timer (was changed in a hot fix earlier than 1.68).
4: resilient will - same timer as 5 and 7.
5: guided strike - same timer as 4 and 7.
6: energizing aura - same timer as 8.
7: cleansing aura - same timer as 4 and 5.
8: defending martyr - same timer as 6.
9: leadership - same timer as 10.
10: same timer as 9.

In other words, there are 5 timers for 9 abilities, and 1 passive ability..

Passive: 1
Timer: 2
Timer: 3
Timer: 4+5+7
Timer: 6+8
Timer: 9+10

Don't hold me to this, it's all off visionofsages.. Looks like patch note quotes though. Cba to check them, you do that if it really matters to you :) said:
Energizing Aura and Defending Martyr will both now share the same recast timer. Resilient Will, Guided Strike and Cleansing Aura will all now share the same recast timer. (1.68 patch, Feb 19, 2004)

The Warlord ability, cowering bellow, has been placed on an independent recast timer for 5 minutes. (from Jan 6 hot fix)

Leadership and Warguard should both now share the same recast timer.
(1.68 patch, Feb 19, 2004)

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