Minstrels SC and TOA


Fledgling Freddie
Feb 21, 2004
I Rescently started rvring my minstrel and after 2 mins realised i suck,
Alothugh i need alot of practice i realise i need a sc template to give myself that xtra bit more to play with.
My question is does anyone have a template done using leladias sc crafter kit and could they email it to me if posible. would realy apreciate it as i had a tough time trying to toggle what i need between items and weapons etc. Also is there an update for the crafter program that has a current list of items on it i can dl or a program that has Toa items onit?

Ok if you gota good template for a mini please send to Damnnationx@hotmail.com

thnx :cheers:

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