Minstrel LFG!


Longtime Songbird
Dec 24, 2003
Out of practice, but want some fun while I wait for Catacombs to get here (yes, got it ordered and its on its way here) so I would love to do some raids, rvr or pve.

I'm ML7, RR5. I have a bunch of artifacts, and working on leveling GOV when I have the chance. I'm very out of practice in rvr but am a very good student and listen well. Also working on leveling croc ring (what a pain, but still the harp was the biggest pain in the rear).

Anyway, if you have need for a minstrel, please don't hesitate to ask! (just don't ask me to tame a saly and drag it accross all of toa just yet, i still need more practice on that)


Fledgling Freddie
Mar 22, 2006
WOW! krya! i remember you :) i even remember meeting you in lyonnesse doing some late night dunter grinding, your from US right? it has been what? just under 4 years when i met you :) glad your still kicking, i only recently subscribed a few days ago. happy hunting :) unfortunately im not looking for rvr yet, i havent experienced any add-on so im hoping to do some of that before i go anywhere.

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