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Discussion in 'Crafting and Trading' started by Thornea, Dec 28, 2003.

  1. Thornea

    Thornea Loyal Freddie

    Now in stock at consignment merchant...

    1 X BOI (2p)
    1 X TG Wintery Seekers (Hunter) Boots (2p)
    1 X TG Seething Ember (Skald) Shield (Small) (2p)
    2 X TG Otrygg's Jewels (1p750g each)
    1 X TG Seething Frostbound Hammer (3p)
    1 X TG Ancient Icebound Axe (8p)
    1 X Gazi's Bearded Axe (1P)

    Dont really wanna part with Icebound Axe, hence high price.

    /houseface 2184 Wyndham (sighvatr village).

    Alternatively PM me and I can deliver (if they havent been sold by merchant)
  2. Cinort

    Cinort Regular Freddie

    Still got that one for sale ?
  3. Thornea

    Thornea Loyal Freddie

    Aye its still on consignment merchant.

    BOI is sold

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