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Discussion in 'The Front Room' started by vintervargen, Dec 23, 2003.

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    Need this one for siggie :p

    First char i made was a RM on excal. Name was Odjinn. Exped him the normal way, but started a healer named Cutie before i dinged 50, and got them both to 50 at almost the same time. It was fun mostly, but i wasn't used to waiting at MTK, so i started to make BG1 alts. First out was the skald Vintervargen. She became ph33red. Then came Hotlikelava the SB, who became even more feared. Next up was Hotlikefire, another SB that continued the reign of terror. I did miss my skald some tho, so i made a new, Hotlikehell. Skald were particular funny because you could, as a dwarf mind you, swim in the water without beeing visual from above. It was amusing to pop out of the river and smack some stealther to pieces. After that, it was time for Hotlikelava's comeback. Roxxoring as always, i decided to try out an SZ, named Woho. After i discovered the overpoweredness of LA styles it was zerk time, Wohoo was born. And lastly, Wham. The time in Thidranki wasnt only filled with ganking, more the contrary; getting some friends, poor attempts of communication, and even a bit of cooperation. Well, maybe not just a bit, several attemtps really. Now dont think i exped all chars the normal exp grind, i had my different ways. What i did after Vintervargen was buying another account, for the purpose of BG char PL'ing. Now, all fun things come to an end, and when Thidranki became overpopulated, i started the 'real' RvR with Odjinn and Cutie. Went on allright, except some minor failures. When end regen finally came along, i made me a zerker, but found it to be dull and overpowered. So i decided to check out Hibernia. First chars were Maril the bard, and Alderian the ranger. Had some minor setbacks now and then, but started to get the hang of it after a while. But, there were room for plenty of whine, whine and some more whine. After some months, it was time to check out the hero class. Hotlikelava was reborn!. And pwned no less then before. I made one try to set Thidranki in chock once again, but failed miserably. Bard had certain similarities with healer, but it wasnt my thing. After an unfortunate accident, i'm now left with Turil. Teh End.
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    Hi Vinter, let me just test if this works ok :D
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    Ebay newb! xD
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    How well put.
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    Wonder if my sig works <thinks loud>
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    I'm guessing so :touch:
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    *Wibbles* :E
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    Hey shy :D :wub:
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