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Martok RR7

Discussion in 'RvR Discussions' started by Lungis, Mar 3, 2005.

  1. Lungis

    Lungis Fledgling Freddie

    gratz m8
  2. Gahn

    Gahn Resident Freddy

    Altho i was major annoyed by the other 2fgs popping after your fg on clip range yesterday, Congrats :clap:
  3. Anarki

    Anarki Fledgling Freddie

    grats martok! :clap:
  4. Bloodhunter

    Bloodhunter Banned

    grats mate1
  5. Ceremonial

    Ceremonial Fledgling Freddie

  6. Majsan

    Majsan Fledgling Freddie

  7. Caylan Raal

    Caylan Raal Fledgling Freddie

    Gratz martok ;)
  8. Gazon

    Gazon Fledgling Freddie

    gratz :D
  9. Scunner

    Scunner Fledgling Freddie

    grats :)
  10. Elendar

    Elendar One of Freddy's beloved

  11. Lubbock

    Lubbock Fledgling Freddie

    Gratz Marty ;)
  12. Jupiter

    Jupiter Fledgling Freddie

  13. Jimmyjr

    Jimmyjr Fledgling Freddie

    Gratz :)
  14. Killerbee

    Killerbee Fledgling Freddie

    grats!! :D
  15. Chimaira

    Chimaira Can't get enough of FH

    Big grats man. Keep the merc tradition goin ;)

    Makin a new one myself ;D
  16. Flamestriker

    Flamestriker One of Freddy's beloved

    Grats Martok :clap: :clap:
  17. robbe

    robbe Loyal Freddie

    congratz nice see u new grppes getting established
  18. Ubert

    Ubert Fledgling Freddie

    Big grats Martok :clap:
  19. Arethir

    Arethir Fledgling Freddie

    Gratz Martok :)
  20. Vladamir

    Vladamir FH is my second home

    Rar!. Huge grats Martok :D
  21. Elitestoner

    Elitestoner Can't get enough of FH

    grats mate :D
  22. Bleeker

    Bleeker Can't get enough of FH

    i dont like Martok..he hurts :(
  23. Enariol

    Enariol Fledgling Freddie

    Congratulations Merc!
  24. Roadie

    Roadie Fledgling Freddie

    stlong sticking at your class \o/ i seem to remember looking over your shoulder in WW and watching a lv 48 martok running from a red con giant in the fronteers just after i discovered the game :D

    come a long way since then

    gratz m8
  25. nangoi

    nangoi Fledgling Freddie

    Big gratz buddy :clap: :clap:
  26. Starbuck

    Starbuck Fledgling Freddie

    Good Job mate.
  27. Soha

    Soha Fledgling Freddie

  28. Orenthal

    Orenthal Can't get enough of FH

  29. Martok

    Martok Part of the furniture

    lol that was nearly 2.5 years ago and thanks everybody
  30. Gamah

    Gamah Banned

    on a side note my lvl 200odd soldier > your crap lvl 50 agent !!!!!!!!!!! noob! :wub:

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