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Looking for a good Healer hammer

Discussion in 'Crafting and Trading' started by Lalin, Mar 22, 2005.

  1. Lalin

    Lalin Fledgling Freddie

    I Want to Buy a Hammer... with Dex Cap and a 2nd even 3th thing also
    like Power pool / power cap * Healing bonus * Buff bonus

    and ofc it need to have usefull stats also...

    im paying VERY well for such a hammer

    Gimme a PM with stats here or ingame
  2. Basic_X

    Basic_X Fledgling Freddie

    a good Healer/shaman hammer is Club of the breeze, dont remember if it got dex cap, but got 10% heal/buff bonus at least, drops of Eramai, aint to hard to get i think :)
  3. cemi0

    cemi0 Can't get enough of FH

    Thats a BB hammer im afraid :)
  4. Dubaxter

    Dubaxter Fledgling Freddie

    I did have a really nice MP Hammer with + dex etc etc BUT I hate to say I think i got itchy and Salvaged it. I will take a look for you tonight Lalin.

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