LGM WC & Alch, house 3383 Spring Forest - Meath


Fledgling Freddie
Jan 14, 2004
MP weapons:
Pick Hammer, 16.5 dps: 2p

99% weapons:
Angled Dagger, 16.5dps / 3.0spd: 300g (LH usable)
Guarded Rapier, 16.5dps / 3.6spd: 300g
Fortified Rapier, 16.5dps / 3.2spd: 350g
Exceptional Rapier, 16.5dps / 3.9spd: 350g
Exceptional Stiletto, 16.5dps / 3.3spd (LH usable)
Crescent Sword, 16.5dps / 3.1spd: 300g
Fortified War Scythe, 16.5dps / 4.5spd: 350g
Pick Hammer, 16.5dps / 3.8spd: 250g (2 items)
Hooked Spear, 16.5dps / 5.0spd: 300g
Exceptional Great Sword, 16.5dps / 5.5spd: 350g (several in stock)

99% shields:
Round shield: 45g (3)
Exceptional Buckler: 55g (2)
Kite shield: 55g (4)
Exceptional Heater shield: 65g (2)
Tower shield: 65g (2)
Exceptional Block shield: 75g (2)
Exceptional Large Round shield: 75g (2)

More weapons (and shields if needed) will be added during the coming days.

Alchemy items:

Strong Elixer of Healing: 3g 10s
Strong Elixer of Endurance: 3g 10s
Strong Elixer of Power: 3g 10s

Elixer of Instant Healing: 25g

Pots will be restocked whenever CM runs out.

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