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Discussion in 'Role Playing Games' started by Gray, Feb 25, 2005.

  1. Gray

    Gray FH is my second home

    Arrgh help :/

    At the moment im stuck on Onderon, with no viable means of escape from that damn planet.

    Im currently on the Light Side of the Force, and Onderon was the first planet that i have visited since arriving from Telos.

    I completed Dxun with no problems and as soon as my crew set off for Onderon did notice many things wasnt right. But i continued anyway, i entered the main area of the level (where the crowds are, palace etc) everything was fine, i spoke to the main palace guard who wouldnt let me in (Obviously!) so i went onto the area where the Cantina is.

    Upon loading that area of the map, i became aware of the large gang waiting for me, i killed them easily enough, and to the right of them was a bit of rubble with a dead droid, whom i couldnt do anything with.

    I went over to the other droid who was selling things, i rewired him, all good and i purchased a Droid Processor (i think?!) for the Droid on the Ebon Hawk. I turned around and headed to the doctors building and was told that hes been arrested due to a murder.

    I go into the Cantina and ask a few questions, nothing interesting coming up though, all the same questions and not enough good answers. I leave the Cantina and get attacked by another gang of Bounty Hunters, one whom drops the VISA.

    I take it back to the Cantina and give it to the Twi'lek who modifies it, then i pass the VISA over to the Republican Spy, who once i give it to him, leaves, thats fine.

    Im then like "wtf do i do now? Theres no doors i can enter now to find new things, ive asked everyone everything i can and its not taking me anywhere, i cant leave Onderon as it says i have to complete the mission.

    So after a good while i give up and see what to actually do via way of a guide (grr) that tells me:

    Once you've done all you want to do, time to start the investigation. Talk
    to Panar in the gang's side room. Ask about the murder, then follow that up
    with questions about Dhagon and the "reason why Dhagon Ghent would kill
    Sullio." (250 XP)

    Go talk to Nikko next. Mention what you heard from Panar to Nikko, and he
    denies that to be the case. Why, they were good friends. Keep asking
    questions about the murder. Where did he find the body. Once Mandalore tells
    you to look outside, you're done with Nikko. (500 XP)

    Go outside, turn right and go to the garbage pile. Select it, but there's
    nothing there. Just behind that, however, is a broken serving droid. Hmmm...
    (250 XP) Back to the Cantina, and talk to Nikko about this droid. He doesn't
    offer you much. Talk to Panar about the droid, and he mentions 1B-8D sells
    droid parts that are scavenged. (250 XP)

    Outside again, and go straight ahead to find the droid, 1B-8D. Ask about
    parts from Bahima's droids, then buy the parts for 25 credits. (250 XP)

    Back to the Cantina, and talk to Kiph, give him the remnants of the droid
    and watch the final feed. It's not terribly informative. (250 XP)

    I checked with Panar, after i speak of the doctor he talks about Bakki (?) but then the conversation ends. I speak to Nikko and he doesnt give me any reference to the conversation with Panar.

    I go outside, check the droid again, still nothing, i ask in vain with Nikko about the droid... nothing.

    Im now very pissed off, because theres no where that i can go to actually go on the map, i cant kill anyone since ive sided with the queen. Im completely miffed.

    It sounds like ive hit a very serious bug at this time one which, will funnily enough not let me complete this game now :/

    In my group is me, mandelor and the white-clothed jedi thing :s

    Fs :/

    (Hope spoilers worked :S)/Eep cant quote in spoilers
  2. Gray

    Gray FH is my second home

    update to show where problem may come from:

    Speak to Nikko, talk about murder, he says:

    "A foul business, like most nights i was here, what do you want to talk about"

    To which, the only reply i have is:

    "Nothing, nevermind"

    Somehow i expect i should be delving in more, but i dont know if its possible that i can.. or who to speak to to make it work
  3. Mabs

    Mabs J Peasemould Gruntfuttock

    there is something well odd in that area, i had some cinematics that made zero sense, all out of order etc

    talk to everyone in the bar, the droids, go back to first area and talk to the captain bloke by the tower where they are holding the doctor

    think u need the 3 or 4 *regulars* who know the doctor, talk to em, go back to the captain, go back to the cantina, etc, go round and round

    also search the doctors house
  4. Kari

    Kari Fledgling Freddie

    Make sure that you go back & talk to the captain by the entrance in the first area after you find out about the murder. iirc this will open new dialogue options in the cantina, allowing you to investigate further.

    <and yes, I realise this is a relatively old question, but since it wasn't answered...>

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