Kalevala, one of oldest guild in prydwen, recruiting.

Discussion in 'Midgard' started by Tuppe, Jan 14, 2004.

  1. Tuppe

    Tuppe Fledgling Freddie

    we had some time really nice and active peeps after we recruit end of last summer.
    now many prolly run out free playing time in daoc?
    and we are forced look more active players in guild.

    Kalevala has strong history in midgard and we want! keep guild part midgard so long its possible.

    at this moment we have ~6 active members/~6 more semiactive, most of us have several 50´s, experience different places and crafters whats needed, if lacking some line? working to rise it.

    our goals? still in future wanna be strong rvr/pve guild, if you are player who have this type targets? you are correct person to Kalevala

    guild house in nice place mossdale whit full guildvault/toolsets and merchants.

    contact any kalevala member who´s online for chat.

    2 weeks trial time, can come member before if show good behave and activity in game.
    lvl 25+

    ps. if some guild is thinking option to merge another? contact officers in kalevala or me.
  2. Tuppe

    Tuppe Fledgling Freddie

    one and only bump.
    weekend inc and have time be more online.

    btw if you have question what wondering?
    ask here or game, allways love short break if not farming gjalpinulva solo

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