Just like the prodigal son i return...


Fledgling Freddie
Apr 17, 2005
Hey everyone

Some of the oldtimers may recognise this name, possibly they saw it regularly in the form of "furiousgeorge was killed by....", or from the olden days back in malm waiting on the hill, slogging out the levels

Anyway, I havnt played Daoc for well over a year and a half now, save for a brief flirtation back last august, and im thinking of coming back to provide literally hours of entertainment to all and sundry, and so i have a few questions for y'all!

1) is it really worth it. i mean really, deep down whadaya think?

2) are Clan Chaos still around (if so can i come back, can i can i!! I can even speak some swedish now (altho possibly not spell it) puss o kram all! :wub:

3) what are the major changes that have gone in since last august (please dont say read the patch notes, im in Darwin and really have better things to do with my last week or so in oz!

4)will i have to spend hours and hours farming gear, doing ML and creating a whole new set of armour & weapons to be able to have fun? (aint fussed about being kitted out in the best of the best stuff as i am quite frankly a cack handed t**t at the best of times when it comes to RvR, fat hands mashing all the buttons etc :twak: )
Dont mind a fair amount of farming but if its gonna take a year to get back up to speed i might think twice

5) ta for reading this far :cheers:

anyway so thats that, really appreciate any replys (helpfull ones that is) and as a special reward anyone who replies gets a free joke!

Cheers boys and girls

Tim aka FuriousGeorge George lvl 50 hunter

P.S hej CC peeps


One of Freddy's beloved
Jan 21, 2004
WANKA!!! Get back to us. We miss your gimpy arse.

Will help you do MLs and farm for your dude. In fact our vault is a bit packed atm and needs someone to take things out. So yes...we remember your sorry arse and want you back.



Fledgling Freddie
Jul 3, 2004
hehe i remember hearing about you in my dentists days, you musy have left before i joined.

and yes, your a hunter, and its nf, soo fotm :p so worth making a return :p


Can't get enough of FH
Dec 24, 2003
Damn, 2nd round about this, nerf the back buttom on mouse :p

Well, 2 sections:

Entire Game Changes:

They have changed the Realm War zones, to zones more friendly to range users than earlier and which (unless high pop server) is less roaming friendly than the old ones (as emain was the only really used zone back then)

They changed the Realm Abilities, so now Hunters, Scouts and Rangers will have the same RA choises, beside a new unique RR5 ability all classes get at RR5. (This goes for all "counter-part" classes in the game

They have added a realm war map in the game, now you can just type /rw and find out where you are and see if major battles is going on!

They have added 5 new classes:
Heretic to Alb
Banshee to Hib
Vampiir to Hib
Warlock to Mid
Valkyre to Mid

Server changes (Pryd):

All servers population was hit hard due to WoWs release, but Prydwen got hit hard, being semi-low already, making RvR guilds stop because the action was to little for them, really a shame, but with the looks about clustering coming our way, this might change (Read about what the hell clustering is on http://www.camelotherald.com )

And as a side note: Glad to see you back, remember you from back in the days :)

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