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Jupitus a Mod here?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Bubble, Dec 30, 2003.

  1. Bubble

    Bubble Can't get enough of FH

    No Topic
  2. Gombur Glodson

    Gombur Glodson Fledgling Freddie

    Yes, he's an all-around mod.
  3. Bubble

    Bubble Can't get enough of FH

    Someone Delete my Account now :(
  4. Classified

    Classified Fledgling Freddie

    I heard he went FOTM and became a skinhead :wij:
  5. Kami

    Kami Can't get enough of FH

    Nothing wrong with that, some of us are becoming natural FOTMs then
    *looks at baldy spot in the mirror* :(
  6. Brannor McThife

    Brannor McThife Fledgling Freddie

    Aww, come on Bubble, Jupitus wasn't THAT bad. Or is that ISN'T? Disappeared off my MSN when I left...both him and Lunar... Just dropped me. :(

    NERF them all!

    Viva la Revolution!

  7. Bubble

    Bubble Can't get enough of FH

    hes an okay person :)

    Just a bit of Bad blood :)
  8. Jupitus

    Jupitus Old and short, no wonder I'm grumpy! Staff member Moderator FH Subscriber

    Fresh forum, fresh start? :fluffle:

    No... not you, G :flame:
  9. Brannor McThife

    Brannor McThife Fledgling Freddie

    I actually met the gimp once. And then he :drink: a lot with Aethelstan. :)

    And as for bad blood...well...I think that me (Glauthrong) blowing kisses at Lunar's corpse, and then jumping on his corpse repeatedly after killing him, while blowing more kisses at Lunar's corpse struck a nerve...and then I got zerged by Hibbies. :twak:

    Ahh, those were the days, were zerging didn't exist, there were no buffbots, and 2FG were the most you would encounter outside a keep raid. Of course, a solo troll (gimp) warrior could somewhat safely stroll between PK's in Emain in those days...except for Giona, who eventually left me alone when I turned yellow. :)

  10. Bubble

    Bubble Can't get enough of FH

    My first trip to emain was at 23 :)

    I was chased by Jon and 2 troll 's (without speed) ended up getting killed by Mind worms
  11. Brannor McThife

    Brannor McThife Fledgling Freddie

    Heh, I loved those guys. The number of times I've dragged multiple enemies with me into those is priceless.


    They'll never take me alive!!!

  12. VidX

    VidX One of Freddy's beloved

    First trip to Emain as a Hibbie was actually after we retook Bolg from nasty purple middies and went to suicide on the Mids camping the apk.

    Course, it took us half an hour to get there cause we kept running into agro level 50 mobs which half killed us...

    This was at about 30 btw ;)
  13. Comrades of Camelot

    Comrades of Camelot Fledgling Freddie

    hehehe i think ive still got some photo's from that day, if i remember rightly jup's only upright in one of them :clap:
  14. Dozi

    Dozi Fledgling Freddie

    *Sits around, waiting to Jup to suicide on me*

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