Insane Cash trade 4ppl trading 10p


Fledgling Freddie
Mar 14, 2005
Right here is the deal, its almost impossible to trade from hib-prydwen -->hib-excaliber so i have to try it another way.

I wil offer 10p on hibernia-prydwen
i want 10p on Hibernia-excaliber

2nd party offers 10p on hibernia-excliber
2nd party wants 10p eather on mid/alb prydwen

3rd party wants 10p on hibernia-prydwen
3rd party offers 10p eather on mid/alb excaliber

4th party offers 10p on mid prydwen
4th party wants 10p on alb exclaiber
4th party offers 10p on alb prydwen
4th party wants 10p on mid exclaiber

i have /respect for the ppl that understand this in a view minits, took my brave soul a little longer ;)

Anyways state your trade and i try make a match all 4 party's can live with, oh feel free point any buggs in this trade haha, it is a pain and it wil be a pain, but it wil most defenit sucseed

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