Illusb RR7!!!!

Discussion in 'RvR Discussions' started by Eyeball, Mar 15, 2005.

  1. Eyeball

    Eyeball Loyal Freddie

    Big gratz m8!! :clap: :clap: :clap:
  2. Kathal

    Kathal Fledgling Freddie

    Gratz m8 :)
  3. Vodkafairy

    Vodkafairy Fledgling Freddie

    well zerged and leeched with dotmines :clap: :clap: :clap:
  4. sphir

    sphir Fledgling Freddie

    good job on zerging
  5. Hellgate

    Hellgate Fledgling Freddie

    Grats m8 :cheers:

    Hellgate ns rr 5l7
    Hellshar Champ rr3l3
  6. Haldar

    Haldar Fledgling Freddie

  7. Kais

    Kais Banned

  8. majik

    majik Banned

  9. Jeffery

    Jeffery Fledgling Freddie

    GRATZ !! :clap: :clap:
  10. lofff

    lofff One of Freddy's beloved


    and mrfloopy, if u die to a lvl49animist dont laugh spam him after coming back with the zerg xd makes u look stupid
  11. Eyeball

    Eyeball Loyal Freddie

    i only died to you bcs you got spam healed my friend
  12. Alein-Pain

    Alein-Pain Loyal Freddie

  13. lofff

    lofff One of Freddy's beloved

    yes druids are in grp to heal, right, but u died because u suck horribly, 300dmg/nuke with 330dex and u hardly moved 2 steps or interrupted ;p~

    then again, why the spam? fustration? xD
  14. Eyeball

    Eyeball Loyal Freddie

    yes :\

    dunno why i ran, dunno why i even attacked tbh :>
  15. Gear

    Gear Can't get enough of FH

    Floppy, you suck :kissit:
  16. Eyeball

    Eyeball Loyal Freddie

    i know tell me something i don 't know plz :)
  17. Fana

    Fana Fledgling Freddie

    Finally Illu - big grats to a great guildmate :)

    On to rr8 :D
  18. Kwidz

    Kwidz Fledgling Freddie


    guess you dont need to add on everything now when u r 1 rr higher :p
  19. Orenthal

    Orenthal Can't get enough of FH

  20. occy

    occy Loyal Freddie

    Gratz, always fun fights always great rp`s
  21. LordjOX

    LordjOX Part of the furniture

    bring more buddies to help you leech
  22. Rulke

    Rulke Can't get enough of FH

    Grats Illu :)

    One of the nicest peeps I've met while playing daoc and giver of haste buffs ^^

    To you plebs slagging him, I bet each and every one of you has zerged me while solo, or added, or leeched, so just shut up with the stupid comments.
  23. Dacrath

    Dacrath One of Freddy's beloved

    Grats Illu :clap:
  24. koun

    koun Fledgling Freddie

    Give floppy a break bro :fluffle:

    Gratz on Flammen Herra m8 :cheers:
  25. illu

    illu Part of the furniture

    Thanks all :>

    It's taken a while, to leech / add / zerg and get those RPs :p but finally dinged this morning.

    I try and solo as much as I can, but occasionally it gets boring, so I've been duoing with a few sb's recently, and generally if someone is fighting 1on1 - I'll watch to see how the fight is going before "helping" :>

    Thanks to all - and one final thing - where are all the alb and hib stealthers? I don't see Dafft anymore, there only seems to be a handful of archers, a couple of infs, and uncronja the only hibby stealther who keeps beating me up (damn you brehon :>)

    Anyway, only a million RP+ to RR8 (gah)

    Bring it on :)

    Oli - Illu
  26. Takhasis

    Takhasis Can't get enough of FH

    big gratz old man ;)
  27. Vodkafairy

    Vodkafairy Fledgling Freddie

    i was solo a few runs earlier with champ illu, but you just kept ganging me with stevuk.. hence the add later :p

    and a while ago i remember i solo'd with my ns (i do like one run per month average since NF) and i ran into your dotmines at brynja all the fucking time. i think i sweaped 4 mines off the bridge, i never even got to fight you properly cus i was resting hp all the time.

    such solo stealther indeed! but then, you'd be no challenge in a duel i guess, or do you dare to try? :p
  28. Olgaline

    Olgaline FH is my second home

    ditto :D grats old chap, :clap:

  29. Rulke

    Rulke Can't get enough of FH

    And I only ever met you in RvR when your FG ran me over. what's your point?
  30. Calo

    Calo Part of the furniture

    I saw u once close to POC entrance in the woods sitting down with your bb (DI3 ready prolly)..

    would have got ya if i was buffed but i wasnt :( u lucky one!

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