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Fledgling Freddie
Jan 23, 2004
After patch i tryed to pay the rent on my house and /bountyrent went ok. But when i try to pay the rent with gold on my other house it just pops the window without any text, the window with accept or decline to pay, and i cant use any of these 2 buttons either. So no text and buttons not working after i click on my house having some cash on mouse cursor. Does anyone got this error or maybe know how to fix it ?


English WAR Community Manager
Apr 21, 2004
Is your client in the same language as the server? In other words, if your other house is on a German server are you running a German client?

If you're playing on different language servers, you should have different language clients for each. Copy your game folder and rename it so you can tell what language it's for. Delete the 'language' folder in the copy and then open the file 'update.dat and change the language in both the URLs to the language of your chosen server. Save the file and reconnect.

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