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Discussion in 'WoW General Discussion' started by Fana, Mar 10, 2005.

  1. Fana

    Fana Fledgling Freddie

    Made an undead warrior alt a couple days ago and wanted to train a ranged weapon. Now, in Undercity you can only train crossbows, and there are no crossbows to buy anywhere in all of the horde lands :/
    Ive only found a few highlevel drop crossbows on Thottbot. Does anyone know if there are any lower level crossbows accessible for Horde? Or am i forced to train bow or guns? I imagine Thottbot is pretty exhaustive, but i cant understand why we can even train it at lower levels if the only ones are maybe 2 level 50+ drops.
  2. Bloodhunter

    Bloodhunter Banned

    train guns imo <pif paf>
  3. Asha

    Asha Fledgling Freddie

    thrown weapons?
    in TB iirc
  4. Elvo^Rylu

    Elvo^Rylu Fledgling Freddie

    u can trian bow in oggri and gun in TB
  5. Raes

    Raes Fledgling Freddie

    Im sure when i trained x-bow on my warrior in FB, the merchent next to weapon trainer in UC sold me a x-bow.
  6. Fana

    Fana Fledgling Freddie

    Thanks :cheers:
    Dunno how i could have missed that npc, since as Raes said he was close to the trainer. Not listed on thottbot tho so guess it isnt as exhaustive as i thought :)

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