Fledgling Freddie
Jan 22, 2004
How do u spec 1??
Do people go for slam + levi?


Fledgling Freddie
Jan 26, 2004
I have a heretic on PvP atm and I solo/duo most of the time. And this is my current spec at lvl 30...

15 Crush
14 Sheild
25 Enhance
27 Rejuv

at level 50 I would ideally go...

39 Crush
20 Sheild
42 Rejuv
50 Enhance

I prefer crush as the 6 sec anytime stun is only 15 levels into it and uses piss all end compared to speccing for and using Slam in sheild.

But I am only lvl 30 atm and that is pvp based play.

Manisch Depressiv

Resident Freddy
Mar 6, 2005
Amelyn said:
How do u spec 1??
Do people go for slam + levi?
Lots good specs out there, common to all is 50 Enhance. Some go 50 flex, rest shield, some go 4x-ish Rejuv. and 3x-ish Crush, rest shield.

Think Corr can hook you up with some details, he tried out many different specs.


Fledgling Freddie
Feb 2, 2004
I would spec it as a melee tic the spec being:

50 Enhance - That is almost a guarantee due to absorb/af gains
50 Flex - Leviathian
23 Shield - Rear stun
17 Rejuv - Mostly for aesnares

This is something I have never tested in any way, but the idea is to play it on classic in the assist train and have the option to break off and snare people on support just get some MoF and get DI/PR asap, as well as I believe ability to get BAoD incase det unerf nerf happens ;). Will allow the group full buffs as well with 2 clerics and I hope the damage difference between a reaver and tic is minimalist especially on classic.

Any feedback on the above spec from any heretics here would be nice ^^

Spec depends on what you plan to do with the tic I guess. I think the vast majority of tics go 50 enhance tho.

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