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Jan 25, 2004
Anyone got a list or some site with arties and stats for heretics?

anyone know what items have + spell range


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Feb 1, 2004
as of 1.74a

Roadkillnz Heretic Team Lead said:
Luckly when I could do get on I managed to get a couple Art runs so this is the run down on what I can and can't activate in 1.74 -

Battler - Can activate
Croc Tear Ring - Can activate (Part Usage)
Malice - Can activate
Bruiser - Dunno yet, hopefully I can do a successful raid before 1.74 hits live to check

Now for the others just for interests sake -

Jacinas Sash - Can activate
Mad Scalars - Can activate
Gem of Lost Memories - Can activate
Orions Belt - Can activate
Crown of Zahur - Can activate
Snakecharmers Weapon - Can activate
Atlantis Tablet - Can activate
Phoebus Harp - Can activate (Part Useage)
Dreamsphere - Can activate
Band of Stars - Can activate

and others that I did and tried to hand in just in case we were set differently -

Wings Dive - Can't activate
Golden Spear - Can't activate
Shield of Kaos - - Can't activate


Fledgling Freddie
Feb 1, 2004
I'll have a look later on . boss keep snagging me to do some work .. what ever that is :twak:


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Jan 22, 2004
+ spell range is screwed for Heretics.

Once the target moves into the extra range zone they only suffer first tic damage. Had this happen to me on a named in Lower Crypt who took an odd route to get to me. Damage was something like 89, 179,89,89,89, out of range.

Checked and it is a known 'feature' with Heretics :(

Hopefully Mythic might get around to fixing it, but I wouldn't bust a gut looking for +spell range gear.


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Jan 8, 2004
There's a thread giving all the arties info on VN heretic forum.

Wondering what ToA bonuses are really worth having on heretic. + range is nice in theory but with the bug coupled with los issues not sure about it in practise (though I suppose it could help with healing and monster rezzes?). + cast speed again only really useful on the healing/rezzing side?

My heretic only level 44 but so far the idea that it can tank like a Pally is a plain lie - only truthful part is with my low crush spec I hit like a Pally :)

Think my main focus will be + enhance, + power pool.


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Dec 24, 2003
the tanking like a paladin you only really get at level 50 enhance with 25% bonus

and even then you have only a small shield and no parry.... so for pve porpoises it's nowhere near - you won't take much damage mind you when you do get hit.


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Jan 4, 2004
This is a link to the main VNboard Heretic forum

VNBoard - Heretic Profession

This is for a Heretic Caster Template
Ps. I dont think this is the best tamplate for a caster tic and will personally be changing a few slots but hopefully will give you an idea of where to get started.
In addition the template includes Zahur's Ring and Bracer, imo they are just too much hassle to get, drop rates so i have been told are insanely low (wake up mythic!).

Heretic Caster Template

And finally if you want to adjust your template you will prolly find this useful

Spell crafting Calculator

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