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  1. Crusadez

    Crusadez Fledgling Freddie

    As ive only had this game under a week i wonder would master scout master marksman artisan upto engineering 4 then master droid engineer be any good for p v p or not ?
  2. Miniman

    Miniman Fledgling Freddie

    It depends. Granny's post (which actually came from somewhere else) shows us why we can have any skills and still be good in PVP (in groups).

    I guess if you were just concerned with combat, you'd have to question your choice of Artisan.

    Actually I'm going for almost the same thing, this seems to be a pretty good all rounder. I'm OK out on my own, I can join in larger battles and I can still sell some goods to make money. I a\ctually found my choice was moulded by my Guide as they had too many of certain types already and I fit better as a Scout/Marksman/Artisan. But that may not be the case in a few months and I may have take back some skill points and go off down a different branch.
  3. pig

    pig Fledgling Freddie

    You will be limited to group PVP, and even then you will be an easy target.
    Maybe when this combat droid change goes into effect, and they decide on how DE's and none DE's can use droid pets you may have a better chance.

    Until then you will be limited to 3 bleeds, 2 high power shots and a semi decent status shot (stun, blind, possible dizzy from carbines).

    Vs any of the elite combat profs you wont last long. Maybe try just focus on one of the lines from marksman and see how far you can get in the Elite. Pistoleer is probably the best all round for DMG over a short time but lacks in ranged KD and any status shots.

    With 0/0/4/4 pistoleer you will be a fast hitting high damage player, and if anyone gets close you can smack them with your pistol!!!
  4. rynnor

    rynnor Rockhound Moderator

    I am a crafter in SWG and I know quite a number of fellow crafters but I dont know any who are happy as Droid Engineers - the demand for droids is currently pretty low - if your doing it because you like the idea then Kudos :)

    If your doing it for cash I'd advise Architect - you can make money as you train up creating houses and factories (and walls) and it doesnt require a lot of high quality materials.

    If you really want to be rich go for Armoursmith but youll need to gradually acquire a lot of rare rescources and you wont make any real money till master.

    Weaponsmiths are ok - but tends to be dominated by a few Masters while the others struggle to sell much.
  5. Miniman

    Miniman Fledgling Freddie

    The SWG have noticed that the demand for Droid is low. For example vehicles only need a couple of different resources and every new player wants one. Droids needs lots of different resources and not many people realise their benefits.

    They are thinking about changing this though.
  6. granny

    granny Fledgling Freddie

    I would say that would be a very poor pvp template to be honest. No elite combat professions and a LOT of points spent on crafting professions.

    In my opinion in order to shine in pvp in SWG you need to be fully committed to a combat character. DE is a pure crafting profession and is going to remain that way after the Droid Invasion publish coming in the next few months. Sure, there will be more combat modules for droids and more pure combat droids but there is also going to be a new class, Droid Commander (or a similar name) which will be the droid equivalent of Creature Handler in essence. Just be master DE will not let you use the good combat droids.

    Also Master Scout is no use in pvp at all, more wasted points. And Master Marksman just makes you a low-skill jack of all trades - generally people only go master in marksman if they need it as a pre-requisite for another class (Commando for instance).

    My advice would be to make the character you want - play the professions you find yourself enjoying. Then once you've got a good stack of cash and experience and lots of friends behind you work out a pvp template of some kind. There is a big combat revamp happening over the next few months and almost certainly things will change massively by then so any template that looks uber now probably won't be soon :)

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