Fledgling Freddie
Feb 19, 2004

1. Zone of Unmana - spell un-haste aura
2. Primal Agony - reduce power, fatigue, and health of nearby enemies by 10% of current value
3. Oppression - reduce max encumbrance by 25% for a short time
4. Inexorable Defeat - 60% penalty to fatigue costs for nearby enemies
5. Tactical Insight - next attack by nearby enemies has additional 5% chance to miss
6. Snaring Tendrils of Power - root self/snare others
7. Chaotic Power - +5% chance to hit enemies with spells
8. Zealous Martyr - sacrifice health to damage enemies
9. Demoralization - Lower level of enemies for damage calculations


1. Sapping Strike - any weapon style that has med damage, high cost, bonus to hit, penalty to defense, blinds target for 5 seconds (no resistances applied)
2. Faultfinder - +10% Parry/+10% Evade/-35% Damage Stance (intended to be combined with Bodyguard or Parry Guard)
3. Power Leak - any weapon style that costs 100 fatigue (full fatigue), when it hits an object, damage isn't divided by 30
4. Grapple - any weapon style that drains 50 fatigue, does low damage, has bonus to hit, penalty to defense
5. Essence Flames - any weapon style that drains 35% of the target's current power, does low damage, has bonus to hit, penalty to defense
6. Throw Weapon - do a ranged attack at 700 range using melee damage formulas; cannot attack with normal melee for two full rounds (based on weapon's attack timer) afterwards
7. Essence Sear - style that chains off of Essence Flames, procs an Essence resist debuff on nearby enemies
8. Bodyguard - Defensive chances (evade/parry) are reduced by 20%, but target of bodyguard can't be attacked in melee until bodyguard is killed or moves out of range.
9. Essence Dampen - Style that procs a PBAE suppress that reduces the value of strength/con buffs by 40, removing them if they go below zero. Side positional.
10. Essence Shatter - removes a random buff from an opponent

Banelorsd's ML's are castable or passive? Recast time? Duration?
Battlemaster's ML's also.. recast time? Duration? Is this list wrong typed cause at Grapple it says... any weapon style that drains 50 fatigue, does low damage, has bonus to hit, penalty to defense . IS THIS WRONG? What good is a style that does low dmg as a ML???
Cant understand guys.. pls help!



Fledgling Freddie
Jan 23, 2004
Grapple immobilizes you and your target, neither can attack or cast spells.

Oh and all of these ML's are actives, most have 5-15 min recast times.
Just check www.visionofsages.net/toa seems to be down atm tho.

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