Goddamn CD / DVD drives


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Dec 30, 2003
I noticed that my CDRW drive had started burning and reading cds very slowly and erratically, in the past I've known this is because it's slipped into PIO mode instead of DMA. I checked in device manager and sure enough, PIO mode. I changed the dropdown to DMA if available and rebooted.

But oh dear, still PIO mode. The DVDRW drive on the same channel is in DMA mode 2 happily enough, but for whatever reason the CDRW will not go back to DMA. This is a real problem, CDs that used to take 3 minutes to burn now take 11-13, installs go insanely slowly.

As an aside, my DVDRW has never read CDs, no kinds. I've tried originals, various CDR media. It just spins up, makes a kind of skipping noise and then stops, the drive thinking it's empty. I've had a bit of a search and some people think ASPI drivers can do it, I'm more inclined to believe it's the cd lens but I'm willing to try anything first rather than splash out more money :)

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