God-awful Game Demos


Fledgling Freddie
Dec 24, 2003
Harry Potter Quidditch World Cup.

Ok, so I'm not expecting to be blown away here, but I downloaded this, all 264MB of it, with the idea of getting a feel for what the game is like. That's what demos are for, right?

"Oh no" says Warner Brother Interactive Entertainment, we call this a demo, but what you've wasted all that bandwidth downloading is, in fact, a huge Not in-game footage intro video followed by another huge "Making of" video and finally a 1 minute passing practice game with two wingmen. That's it. 10 passes. Takes 30 seconds when you know how it works. End of demo.

Note to Warner Brothers: Look up "Interactive" in the dictionary, I believe it suggests some form of user input is involved. Then go and grasp the concept of "Game Demo" as something that gives the player an idea of what the full game is. Then get yourselves and your enourmous disclaimers and copyright messages the fuck out of the industry.

Jesus, it's like I'd downloaded a HL2 demo and all I got was a tutorial on how to jump on a crate.

Ok.. end rant. Anyone else had similar wastes of time and bandwidth?

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