GOA charging me for nothing.

Discussion in 'Technical Help' started by magnarl, Mar 4, 2005.

  1. magnarl

    magnarl Fledgling Freddie

    For about a month ago i discovered that GOA was taking money from my account. The 3 of every month, GOA withdraws money from my creditcard account, without me having an active subscription. So i emailed them about this and they said that i should check for the transfers at https://secure.bibit.com/jsp/shopper/OrderInfo.jsp and get back to them about the info. Now, i thought this wouldnt be a problem so i fill in my info and press "Find order details" - nothing comes up..heh. So i emailed them about this and their response was: "
    In order to be useful for you, we need you to send us the results of your research."
    My result of the research is that the withdrawal shows on my bank account but not on the webpage GOA refered me to. So now im not sure what i should do. I think im going to go and talk to my bank at monday but i`d much rather have GOA to fix it themselves. This has been going on since christmas so its starting to get quite alot of money for a poor student :\
  2. Bluevixen

    Bluevixen Fledgling Freddie

    It should not be upto you to visit another website about your subscription.

    My advice would first send an email to GOA saying that they have taken unauthorised payments from your bank/credit card. Give them all the information about your subscription and give them a date that they have to recredit it to your account by (usually 14 days after the email). Tell them that if you do not receive your money by this date then you will take it further with your bank.

    If you do not get your money back by then you must goto your bank/credit card company with your email and any replies from GOA.
    If you paid by credit card then the credit card company should send you a form to investigate bad debits from your account.

    Get as much as you can in writing.
  3. LordjOX

    LordjOX Part of the furniture

    Aya, those silly people, first they take cash from you for no reason or stops your subscription and refuse you to pay.
  4. Bellona

    Bellona Banned

    sure that you have not sold/given away your account, with subs left, because then you can afaik just add autorenewal and it wont ask for creditcard info if sub is still active, was like this in earlier version of subs page, so dont know if its changed
  5. magnarl

    magnarl Fledgling Freddie

    Yeah, i can see the invoice of each of my subcription periods and the last one is from early january :\
  6. Kinag

    Kinag Part of the furniture

    This is weird, cause they are charging me for 100NOK (monthly cost) extra a month (3rd every month). It's the same date as you. I've taken it up with them, but they gave me an inactive link to check, so I told them and I never got an response.
  7. magnarl

    magnarl Fledgling Freddie

    I sent another mail to them trying to explain everything. In the mail i stated that i already had mailed them about the problem and nothing showed up when i used the webpage they refered me to.
    They answered
    ....how am i supposed to give them the order number when nothing comes up? Stupid silly goa..
  8. IainC

    IainC English WAR Community Manager

    What does the charge look like on your CC bill?
    Are you absolutely sure it's a payment for DAoC?

    If you can check your account on the subs pages and it's closed, and Bibit say you aren't paying them anything (if I understand your post right, you search for any recent invoices but there are no matches), then it could be a charge for something else.

    All your payments are processed through a company called Bibit, if you don't have an active subscription we won't be recieving money from you and so we can't track your payment - only Bibit will have that information which is why you were sent to check that site. If there is an order number from Bibit, we can use that to find out where the money went. Otherwise we have no way of knowing.
  9. magnarl

    magnarl Fledgling Freddie

    You understood my post correct, yes.
    All i know is that the 3rd of every month 12,96 USD gets withdrawn from my account under the name "Mythic Entertainment". I dont subscribe to any other Mythic product so i dont know what else it could be.
    I think ill go check with my bank as soon as possible.
  10. Bluevixen

    Bluevixen Fledgling Freddie

    Always pay by credit card if you can. They will fully investigate any unauthorised payments for you.
    Do not accept Mythics 'we cannot trace any payment as an excuse'. They are just trying to hide under another company.
    Write to Mythic and tell them to stop taking payments imediately and contact your bank to report to unauthorised payment.
  11. IainC

    IainC English WAR Community Manager

    That'll be why we can't find any record of your payment. You aren't paying us. Any charge from us will be listed on your CC statement as Bibit (the company who provide billing services for Goa). If it says Mythic that will be from Mythic themselves (who run their own billing services for the US servers). Those billing services are nothing to do with us at Goa or Bibit I'm afraid, you'll need to contact Mythic's customer support. There are a number of ways to contact them which are detailed on this page.
  12. Oli7er

    Oli7er Fledgling Freddie

    Lesson to be learned from this is: dont think that a multimillion $ company is trying to "steal" your 10 pounds and "hide" behind another company, thats just ridiculous
  13. Devaster

    Devaster Fledgling Freddie

    Bibit is the merchant account provider yes, but in the credit card statement it would be:


    Your are not paying to GOA, first of all, charge should be 12euro not 12$ and second, mechant name is Mythik ^^ you are paying to the yanks, american daoc etc.

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