Freezing problems


Fledgling Freddie
Feb 11, 2004
Ok i decided to upgrade my dell first as i had some slight money shortage issues so was unable to upgrade both pc's if you can't remember: 2 PC Upgrades
I went with a Leadtek A6600GT TDH and an exta 2*512 mbs ram,(total 2*512 and 2*256 now)
so i loaded up catacombs with all the settings switched on and everything is f**king brill. spent about an hour watching the reflective water( lame )
and everything in game is peachy.
however when i'm in the character select menu after 30 or so secs the sound cuts off, the display freezes and the mouse/keyboard stop accepting input too (complete freeze).
they are still powered as i can see the lights and the Dvd drive still works (opens/closes) but I have to reboot manually.
I don't think the problem is overheating as it runs fine in game and never goes more than 10 degrees c over room temperature.
i've tried with catacombs settings turned off and it works fine but its sorta sad that i've waited this long for an upgrade only to find that I can use it but have to avoid being in the character menu for too long.
i've uninstalled the old gfx drivers and installed the ones that came with the card and also tried the ones from the manufacturers site.
i have no idea what the problem could be and would be very grateful if anyone has any idea what the problem could be, thanks :(


Fledgling Freddie
Feb 3, 2004
Have you installed DirectX 9.0c?

Also, your motherboard could be having problems with the new GT card - you could try updating your BIOS (this helped me a lot, just installed a 6600GT myself).

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