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Fledgling Freddie
Dec 22, 2003
Welcome to…… well I haven't actually decided on a name yet.

So athie…..What on earth is this new fangled Freddie's picture game?

Well it's based upon a picture game as I said, which I already play elsewhere on the www. I thought it might be fun to try it here – in this case it will be gaming related.

The Rules of the game are simple....

After sign up, players will be drawn at random (out of a hat) to determine the initial 1st round draw.

Structure of the game
Round of 32: Monday / Day 1
Round of 16: Wednesday / Day 3
Quarter Finals: Friday / Day 5
Semi Finals: Sunday / Day 7
Final: Tuesday / Day 9

So for example....
Freddy 1 is drawn against Freddy 18 in the 1st round
Freddy 18 earns more points than Freddy 1 which means Freddy 18 goes through to Round 2.
Freddy 1 will be a little miffed and he/she will just have to wait patiently to play in the next tournament if they want to.
Freddy 18 might face Freddy 24 in the second round and lose. Freddy 24 of course makes it to the quarter finals!

The Images and How to score points
No more than 20 images will be posted per round along with a question or questions.
The images will cover a broad spectrum of games…. Some will be first person shooters, some from console games, some arcade games and so on…..

How to send in your answers
Not only does it give participating players an advantage but it spoils the fun
Send your answers to: or PM via FreddysHouse Forum.

For each round players are given 48 hours to send in their answers. It's important this game is run on a strict deadline so please make sure your answers are sent in on time, If you miss the dealine you are disqualified!!

What I've done is created a dummy setup and some examples to show you how the game will work.

Example Picture 1

Question 1: Name the character
Answer: Dr. Malcom Betruger from Doom 3

This will earn you a maximum of 3 points
Why? I only answered 1 question!!
Well you receive 2 points for correctly guessing the character and an additional bonus point for correctly guessing the game.

Even if you do not know the name of the character (weapon, map etc…) you will receive 1 point for correctly guessing which game it is.

Example question for picture 2

Question 2: Name the map in Picture 2
Answer: Ammo Depot map from Quake 2

Again, this will earn you 3 points maximum
Why? Dont forget you receive 2 points for correctly guessing the map name and an additional point for correctly guessing it was from Quake 2.

But athie that sounds so easy…. Don't be fooled Freddies. Some of the images may be distorted/covered up in some way to make it slightly harder.

Example Picture 3

Question: Name the character
Elite Guard from Return to Castle Wolfenstein

There will also be a final bonus question/questions in the event of a tie break – again this gives you an opportunity to earn extra points. This may be in the form of a picture and/or anagrams!!

Anagram Example
Answer: Bubble Bobble

I'm still finalising a few details but the above details will remain pretty much the same. Depending on your interest and response will determine how successful the game will be. Of course any suggestions are appreciated and remember this is only for some fun.


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Fledgling Freddie
Jan 10, 2005
interesting idea mate. i hope you get the tournament up and running soon :D

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