Frag Test Dummies are recruiting


Fledgling Freddie
Dec 22, 2003
The Battlefield 1942 division was vigorously trained up during the latter period of 2002 and let loose on the field on the 18th September of that year.
Unfortunately, due to an over-confident experiment in mind altering drugs and smarties, the division went AWOL, ignored their mission objectives, forgot who and what they were fighting for, remembering only a) the location of the nearest off license and b) that they just HAVE to shoot something!
This is a public warning: If you spot any members of the FTD BF1942 division, you are to steer clear and alert the appropriate authorities. They are armed and totally insane!

********** The FTD Website ***********

Members Only pages include:
- Server booking - book time for yourself or other clan buddies to train, play, or just muck about on our clan server!
- Access to every plan and bulletin written up for the clan faction
- Your own profile to edit as you like, including favourite classes/weapons/vehicles, quote, member pic, bio, etc.
- Access to add insults to FTD's insult database, used throughout the site and in the Insultor (, submit news, featured pictures, countdowns, your own links and files, and more.

If you join us, you will have access to members only areas on the website.

********** The FTD Forums ***********

********** The FTD Quakenet Channel **********

IRC: quakenet
Main Channel: #FTD
BF Channel: #FTD.BF1942

********** The FTD Email Address ***********

You will be set up with an FTD email address, to start with, this will be configured to forward to the address you have stated on the membership page.

this will be "nick"

There is also a clan mailing list that you will have access to.

********** The FTD Clan Server ***********

We have a clan server

The server is available for use outside clan practice times, by using the server booking pages on the website.

If you are interested, you can gain server admin status by contributing to the server fund.

********** The FTD Meeting Times ***********

We meet at 7:30pm on Tuesday and Sunday nights.

********** The FTD Rules of Conduct ***********

Please read the rules of conduct on the website, they are fairly simple, but worth a read

********** The FTD Tags ***********

Tags for clan games are [FTD] before your name. We would prefer that they are used at all times when on publics, as this raises the profile of the clan.

Tags are a must for clan games

********** And Finally ***********

If you have any problems/questions etc, email myself:


Fledgling Freddie
Dec 22, 2003
I'm looking for a clan, even if its only to act as a stationary target on practice nights, but are you doing Vietnam yet ?


Fledgling Freddie
Dec 22, 2003
We haven't started playing it yet, although I think most members are willing to give it a try.

If you want to come along and join us, you are more than welcome.

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