FoS Saturday 28th/2 - ML 4.2 re-run


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Jan 21, 2004
Right, last attempt ended rather abruptly, so we'll try to do it better this time. We need -lots- of people as you probably noticed, and the right classes - I saw far too many infiltrators, bring tanks/cleric/casters. We're meeting at STYGIA HAVEN for this :)


We will want at least four -balanced- groups (ie 2 clerics, PBTer, paladin + blockbot and a minstrel + caster/melee) for camping each town and spearheading the assault. Apart from this grps do not need to be as optimized, but you WILL need clerics and paladins, so make sure everyone knows about this. I'll make sure every group know what their task is (we'll pre-assign them prior to raiding). Preferably we'd have enough people to keep 1-2 groups at every town and still have a decent assault force; bring as many guildies as you can since this is a step ANYONE can get credit for, provided you have initiated the MLs at the Arbiter. Guild officials who want to contact me can do so on IRC or ingame; if not me turn to Cayote or Yussef.


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Jan 19, 2004
any guides for this quest? might be good for people to read so they are prepared for it, because last night nobody really knew what was happening, and also maybe the time limit made it hard for people to reschedule stuff to make it and so forth, was a nice try tho, insane spawnrate :eek:


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Dec 26, 2003
This is taken from an ML guide...

Trial 2 -- You'll need avg 40+ players recommended.

The Fortress of Storms is protected by 3 towns, which in turn are protected by 3 camps. When you attack the Fortress of Storms, all 3 towns and 9 camps attack you. If you attack a town, the 3 camps protecting the town come to help.

So here is what you do:

1. Pick a town(any town will do). Send 1 group to clear each of the three camps. When the camps begin to clear they will catch on fire and the town will send Setian Laborers to put out the fire. Killing the Laborers will keep the fires going, and when a camp is completely on fire, Setians will not spawn.

2. When you have the 3 camps on fire, leave the groups that took them to intercept the stream of laborers coming to put out the fire. The rest of the raid attacks the town. As you clear the town, it too will also start to burn.

3. The Fortress will send waves of Laborers(like 20) to the town to try to put out the fires. Kill the laborers to keep the town on fire. When the town is completely on fire it will stop spawning. The groups keeping the outlying camps clear can leave them at that point.

4. Leave 1-2 groups(depending how large your raid is) in the conquered town to keep it clear of Laborers. The rest of the raid heads to the next town.

5. Repeat steps 1-4 for the other two towns.

6. When you have conquered all three towns, you shoud have 2-3 groups free. With these groups, start clearing the fortress itself. I reccommend pulling to a safe distance to avoid CFH mishaps. Like the town, the Fortress will catch on fire, the fight will rage on until the Fortress is Completely on fire and does not spawn any longer. At this point, the 3-6 groups holding the outlying towns can come to the Fortress.

7. Keep the Fortress clear with the raid and pick 2-3 groups to ascend to the Temple. Inside the temple is Seti the Pharoh and his personal guards. It is pretty straightforward from that point: kill Seti's guards, then kill Seti.

It's starts off easy enough.
Burn camp 1, leave a group to stop laborers
Burn camp 2, leave another group
Burn camp 3, leave another group
rest attack the first sub-fortress
Leave 1 group at fortress, preferably with a PBAOEer, to stop laborers that come from the main fortress to stop it's fire
move onto sub-fortress #2, same drill
move onto sub-fortress #3, same drill


Today we had an entire town and outlying camps suddenly repop for absolutley no reason at all. The town and outlying camps were all on fire, and laborers were under control. The groups guarding it died a pretty horrible death.


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Dec 22, 2003
can i bring 2 chars?, i am pretty used to playing 2 chars in PvE (minstrel and cleric)

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