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Discussion in 'Albion' started by Red HATred, Mar 2, 2005.

  1. Red HATred

    Red HATred Fledgling Freddie

    saturday 5th

    i will be departing for the homestead of the wretched daemon Apocalypse.

    Knowing that my foe is verry powerfull, extremely powerfull, i am seeking aid to hunt this daemons and his minions down.

    I would be departing shortly after i had my meal (presumably last one) and i will gather forces near the town of Fort Gwyntell.
    Let's cleanse our lands drom evil and fight this daemon once more!!!


    this is jsut a last mintue inspiration really :)
    me an a guildie were talking about it and the neat things that could be found in there..

    so .;

    saturday, 14.00 cet , that is 13.00 gmt we would group up

    i would use a strategy.. if it is possible at all..

    work in teams, small teams... liek , Servant necros with bot to pull one mobs.. get aggro hold it.. let others pass on... get the next mob.. just to speed up corridor cleansing...

    still will work out something on that part.

    loot rules will be verry simple

    if we get lucky.....

    and we manage to kill something in there....

    all will be rolled class item per person

    you bring your character that will fight and will loot

    stones will be deatlh with seperatly (if any are found) and will be availble to all ppl attending

    If the raid has to release fully, the raid is over and lotto will be done.
    If we can continue with back up resser or something, the raid proceeds
    One run..

    groups will be organized at fort gwyntell if needed.
    If guilds join in with a solid FG.. try to run under one flag ( cloaks with emblems) , and make a basic adventurers group pls.. so healers, friar, thuggie, pally, shield blocker..; you know the drill
    (not that i'm expecting that to show up , but i can only try :) )

    so , if you feel up to it... feel free to enlist here... or meet at fort gwyntell this saturday.

    the more the merrier....

    if none show up , i'll just go with servant necro and fop bot ;-)
    didn't see any reservations for this saturday.. so 'im off with me guild mate :)
  2. Technodave

    Technodave One of Freddy's beloved

    :puke: :puke: :puke: :puke:
  3. Faya

    Faya Fledgling Freddie

    good answer dave, wouldnt expect anything else from someone like you

  4. knighthood

    knighthood Fledgling Freddie

    Little update for u m8, afaik every keylord drops a respec, at least the did when the TDF/ASq/Corp raid went there last week, was only about 3fg(+2) of us and we made it to Bane.. but thats where it fucked up. Unfourtuantly even with no one sticking to the mob, after Bane ported we caught him at the pool and he walked through the wall never to be seen again :(

    We also nearlly lost the Keylord 1 on this same shitty reocurrance in Sidi and various other places with Wanky Pathing. U obviously allready know but trust me even with seasoned 50s u still get noobs that ignore the yell of DONT STICK TO THE FUCKING MOBS, so make a macro and spam it every 10 seconds. :p

    Other than that good luck with the raid and pray the same shit dont happen to u that happened to us ruining our raid. <imo we coulda done Keylords 7 and 8 too > :)

    oh and if im on im up for it :)
  5. Golena

    Golena Fledgling Freddie

    I'm always up for a good old fashioned sidi raid, but I can see a rather large potential conflict of interest with the above statements. Personally the drops i'd be interested in from a sidi raid would probably be for my as yet untemplated infil, that means that it would be less likely i'd bring my fully toa'ed theurg. You might have alot more luck getting people to bring group friendly characters if they could roll for their stealther alts.

    Maybe something to reconsider, since alot of the good drops are for shall we say the less group friendly characters.

    Either way, i'll be there with someone :clap:
  6. Knolan

    Knolan Fledgling Freddie

    or just say.. "roll for an alt? tell in advance" :)
  7. Golena

    Golena Fledgling Freddie

    I'd be more than happy with that, but it's not what his rules said.
  8. AmeinoN

    AmeinoN One of Freddy's beloved

    Me Kerith , Nightpetal(aka pvERS) will be there :p
  9. Ame

    Ame Fledgling Freddie

    Hey Golena, long time no see ^^.

    Not sure if I could attend, will see on the day. Would love to see the old Caer Sidi once again, and sweep out some of the cobwebs.
  10. Red HATred

    Red HATred Fledgling Freddie

    no one knows who has what alt, nor do they care i think.

    I try to keep it as simple as possible.
    The raid will be held with the ppl that show up. No matter what class they are.
    There always is a huge fuss with drops and loot, i won't let that happen.
    Fist off all, loot seems to have changed according to someone here in the thread, so i don't even know if we'll get anything.

    We make groups with the ppl we have at hand.
    If it ain't a logical group, it doesn't mean that we can't do anything in there.

    So, ppl that join deceide what character they bring and that one will be the class rolled for. You make a choise of what you bring.. if you are lucky you end up in the prices.
  11. Red HATred

    Red HATred Fledgling Freddie

    The raid has been held..

    16+ppl showed up + a couple off bots..

    cleared frist floor, skeletal sacristian, all adds that came with Sarcreficial dude...

    luckely i had a nice core group ... guildies primairy that knew what was ahead so we could press on.

    We had a couple off other casters and classes that also had their hearts in the right place...

    all others.... were just totally useless..not as characters , but as players.
    The only reason why they even bothered joining, was in hoping they could fill their baggs.

    Sidi ain't a pleasure ride, it is a long tiring hunt.
    The fewer ppl you have on a raid, the more you have to pay attention.
    The fact that we got whiped had only one reason.... ppl not paying attention to what they were doing. (also lack of knowledge was a reason, i don't mind that, new ppl don't know all and i can't think off all possible situations to know what can happen)

    After first minor accident ... a few off the crew started talking about lottery for 6 drops that fell...
    Imagine that... after the first mob... they started nagging for DROPS.

    No adventurers spirit... pure raid sabotagers

    i'll immediatly add, that there were a couple of nice and good players in the groups we had... not all were their just because they were bored. Some had their hearts in the right place..

    For the rest... just a bunch of sad players. Just a bunch of kids that are used to attending 50+ ppl events... events where no knowledge nor competency is required. The kind that thinks; "that leader will fill my baggs , without doing anything for it"

    If you see a sidi raid is beeing held... you know what you are up for.
    The persons that joined and had no experience in sidi, enjoyed it... they knew it would be a long hunt... and they accepted it.

    As soon as Class specific drops fell...... that class in paticular started begging for lotto.

    really.... sad gamers.

    Last note to the good players we had,

    there will be other sidi raids..
    i don't get demotivate because off a couple off sad pricks on a raid..
    Roaming in albion for a couple off years has made me see that the vast majority really doesn't care about anything.
    So, you get used to it.
    hope to seeing the real adventurers on the next raid.

    If you as a player have got the time and the willingness to join in on an event and try to get the maximum out of the things we have at hand..... you will be accepted with open arms on my raids. If you have not, just don't bother. If your base motivation is to try and achieve something for the whole, instead of your personal "drop benefit", you will be appreciated.
    Next raids, i'll be a lot strickter.... ppl will be booted a LOT faster then this time.
    You cooperate, you listen or you leave.

    I do know accidents occure on a riad. Hardware can be a real pain from time to time. A serious laggspike, like we had one, can be a verry hasardous situation. Even lead to death.
    so i know how to make a sensible judgement..

    hope to grouping up again (with some)

    cheers, iron
  12. -Freezingwiz-

    -Freezingwiz- Fledgling Freddie

    awwwwwwww, I might have showed up if u wouldn't come tho but well I guess I'm not the onlyone that feel that way :) and keep the good mood up m8 :fluffle:
  13. Babazoo

    Babazoo Fledgling Freddie

    lmao maybe if a TOTAL MORON !! wasnt running the raid more ppl may have showed up !!

    Yet again you proved your true ALB spirit :wanker:
  14. Red HATred

    Red HATred Fledgling Freddie

    just put your head where the rest of ur body is mate ;-) SIX FEET UNDER
  15. Babazoo

    Babazoo Fledgling Freddie

    Firstly : im not your m8 ... Very Very far from it infact !!

    Secondly : SIX FEET UNDER .. That would refer to me as being dead which then refers to you being Stoopid .... Well Duhhh !!! :touch:
  16. Red HATred

    Red HATred Fledgling Freddie


    really cba to reply to an alcoholic on the net ;-) cya
  17. Babazoo

    Babazoo Fledgling Freddie

    sad reply im disappointed ... See yah soon :wanker:

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