FFA TG RE-LOTTO - Sunday 18th dec - 16.30 CET

Zlugugg Benvis

One of Freddy's beloved
Jan 12, 2004
Zlugugg will use the same re-lotto rules as Tesla did before him (copy/paste is so good ... well a bit lazy).

Taking place in the beautiful village Eirikstorg, in Erikstaad. Outside house 1642, have a big vault there, so it's nice and convenient. And you lot get to see something other than the new frontiers for a change.

Rules: Where applicable the normal lotto rules apply.

- You can join if you have been to any of my FFA's. (If not, you didn't help getting any of the loot and thus have no right to it whatsoever)
- You roll for yourself or any of your alts that are 50
- Two rounds or lotto'ing. If there's enough stuff left, we'll do a third round.
- Be on time.
- Be there yourself. No lotto by proxy or by your friend's brother's daughter's neighbour.
- No mods are used or added to the rolls.
- You can get ONE item per round of relottoing. If that means you wait for the last item and don't get it - tough, nothing for you that round.
- I ll drop all items (to show stats) once at 16.30 CET in the chat. Then you´ll get 10 mins to check em out before start.
- Don't bother me with /sends about stats of the items. I typed them all out so you can go check the stats on any item site. (and in chat 16.30 CET)
- Any junk left after three rounds will pay for my vacation to a nice and sunny place.

Items to be given a happy new home:

Ice-shadow Gloves
Dragon-shadow Gauntlets x2
Wintery Seeker's Gauntlets
Runed Tuscarian Gloves
Soul-scarred Gloves
Dragon-shadow Boots
Wintery Seeker's Boots
Runed Tuscarian Boots
Tuscarian Clan Boots x2
Tuscarian Clan Sleeves
Ice-shadow Sleeves
Dragon-shadow Crown x2
Tuscarian Monitor Crown

Seething Ember
Empyrean Runewalkers Staff
Tuscarian Runewalkers Staff
Tuscarian Bonesplitters Staff x3
Tuscarian Soul-tethering Staff
Writhing Fang Greave
Nokkvi´s Mauler
Seething Frostbound Sword
Axe of Icy Death
Icy War Greave
Icy Barbed Moon Claw x3
Nokkvi's Vile Slayer
Agmundr's Foe Slayer
Seething Frostbound Axe
Ancient Icebound Axe
Seething Frostbound Hammer
Icy War Sword

Dragon Sinue Wrap
Ice Crystal Belt
Hord's Braided Belt
Bracer of Iceshadow
Tuscarian Ring of Insight
Blue Dragon Crystal
Otrygg´s Jewel
Hjalmar´s Quiver
Tuscarian Furlined Mantle
Vagn's Mantle
Tuscarian Cloak


Fledgling Freddie
Aug 29, 2004
Is this re-lotto gonna be on Satarday the 18th or Sunday the 19th ?

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