FFA TG RE-LOTTO - Sunday 14th Mars - 16.30 CET

Zlugugg Benvis

One of Freddy's beloved
Jan 12, 2004
Zlugugg will use the same re-lotto rules as Tesla did before him (copy/paste is so good ... well a bit lazy).

Taking place in the beautiful village Eirikstorg, in Erikstaad. Outside house 1642, have a big vault there, so it's nice and convenient. And you lot get to see something other than the trails of Atlantis for a change.

Rules: Where applicable the normal lotto rules apply.

- You can join if you have been to any of my FFA's. (If not, you didn't help getting any of the loot and thus have no right to it whatsoever)
- You roll for yourself or any of your alts that are 50
- Two rounds or lotto'ing. If there's enough stuff left, we'll do a third round.
- Be on time.
- Be there yourself. No lotto by proxy or by your friend's brother's daughter's neighbour.
- No mods are used or added to the rolls.
- You can get ONE item per round of relottoing. If that means you wait for the last item and don't get it - tough, nothing for you that round.
- Don't bother me with /sends about stats of the items. I typed them all out so you can go check the stats on any item site.
- Any junk left after three rounds will pay for my vacation to a nice and sunny place.

Items to be given a happy new home:

Brittle Bone Boots x3
Runed Tuscarian Boots x3
Ice-Shadow Boots
Dragon-Shadow Boots x2
Tuscarian Clan Boots x2
Wintery Seeker´s Boots x3
Tuscarian Bloodforged Boots
Tuscarian Oracle Boots x3
Tuscarian Monitor Boots x2
Foe Hammer´s Boots

Brittle Bone Gloves x2
Soul-scarred Gloves
Runed Tuscarian Gloves
Jailor´s Gloves
Ice-Shadow Gloves
Tuscarian Monitor Gloves

Ice-Shadow Sleeves
Wintery Seeker´s Sleeves
Tuscarian Bloodforged Sleeves
Tuscarian Monitor Sleeves

Brittle Bone Crown
Ice-Shadow Crown
Dragon-Shadow Crown
Tuscarian Discordant Crown
Tuscarian Monitor Crown

Foe Hammer´s Leggings

Birghirian Hauberk
Kvasir´s Hauberk

Dragon-Shadow Bow

Lord of Niflheim Staff x2
Tuscarian Nifl-tethered Staff x3
Tuscarian Bonewalkers Staff
Tuscarian Bonesplitters Staff
Dragon-shadow Staff

Nokkvi´s Mauler x2
Dragon-shadow Hammer
Seething Frostbound Hammer
Agmundr´s Foe Hammer x2

Dragon-shadow Sword
Dread bone Great Sword

Frozen Blackhearted Axe
Frenzied Blackhearted Cleaver

Seething Ember

Tuscarian Ring of Glibness x2
Ozur´s Skull Ring
Ruby Necklace
Belt of the Blackheart
Brilliant Ice Crystal Bracelet
Purple Dragon Crystal x2
Red Dragon Crystal
Green Dragon Crystal
Otrygg´s Jewel x2
Vagn´s Mantle


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