FFA TG RAID - Sunday 25th January 16.30 CET

Zlugugg Benvis

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Jan 12, 2004
Raid will be led by the troll Zlugugg.

Rules, times etc is as usually ... mods from earlier raids is transfered and used.

CG will open at 15:30 GMT / 1630 CET
Raid will depart and CG will close at 1600 GMT / 1700 CET

Level 45 minimum to attend, level 50 char to get loot or mod.

Both flying chickens will be killed if the raid consists of enough people.
The King and Queen will only be attempted if there are enough (motivated) people.

You can find the current mod list here (Make sure you move to the last page in the thread.. most recent list is there):


- You must be level 50 in order to enter the lotto or get mod.
- You must have 'a need' for the item. When in doubt, I'll decide whether you do or not.
- Any alt you are rolling for must be level 50.
- Failure to follow these two rules means you have 24 hours to return any items you received to the raid organiser (in this case... me)
- Before the raid starts you will be asked whether you will roll for the class you are playing or for one of your level 50 alts. This choice cannot be changed after we enter TG.
- You may only receive *one* item per raid - excluding dyes, excess respec stones and remains of mobs.
- There are TWO ways of acquiring a single-line respec stone on an FFA hunt. One is to state that you want a stone at the beginning of the hunt (This will reduce your mod to 0). The second way is to take a gamble and lotto on one of the excess respec stones at the end of the lotto. (This will leave your mod unchanged, but you get no +10 for this hunt if you get no other loot. Keep in mind there might actually be no excess stones.)
- Excess respec stones are those stones left after handing the people indicating at the beginning of the raid wanting one, one.
- If you chose a class which had no drops during the raid, then tough, I'll add your nice +10 mod for the next raid.
- Winning loot means all your modifiers are wiped back to null/zero/zilch/void except when the loot is dyes/remains/excess respec stones.
- YOU MAY NOT SELL ANY FFA RAID DROPS. YOU MAY NOT CLAIM AN ITEM SO YOU CAN SELL THE ONE YOU ALREADY HAD. IF YOU CAN'T USE THEM THEN DON'T LOTTO FOR THEM. These raids are not a way to generate cash. Make your own raids if you want to get stuff to sell.

Modifiers are awarded as follows:
- Attending a raid until we all die horribly or clean out the glacier +10
- Attending a raid but leaving before we die horribly or clean out the glacier +5 (Optional)
- Winning stuff in the lotto reduces your modifier to <zero>. This includes respec rocks, but exclused dyes, remains and relottos.

The lottory takes place either in TG, or at some other place announced during the raid. You can only roll for things you can actually use and for the class you are rolling for. If you LD just before lotto it's your responsibility to get your ass there. No amount of whine/threats/cake's will ever change that.

I /can/ be grumpy. But mostly I'm not. Really.

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Dec 22, 2003
where is mod list btw? hope we didnt loose it on BW :p

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