farming regarding shades 3/3


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Feb 2, 2004
is it possible for my Shade and bb to farm the mobs in ml7 dungeon which drop the scroll (regarding shades 3/3) or are the mobs too hard and require a more substancial group?.

Really need this scroll now and getting pissed off.


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Apr 20, 2004
Before I devised the Ani+Fop Bot technique for siam-he warriors, I tried with Gear (Ranger) + Faltsa (Bard) + Nuok (NS) + Kounavos (BB). I was a pain really. Eventually we got wiped and we hadn't even crossed the bridge :p

Both of us double logged ofc, which made healing and reactions horrible. Best thing is to try and make a farming group. I remember a few months back I even made a stealthers+support farming group which worked pretty well.

edit: I should also point out that drop rate even in siams' now is pretty awful. I've been trying to get it a few days now (I'd say a total of around 6 hours, pulling 1 every 3 mins) and no drop yet.

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