FAO Ramii :)

Discussion in 'Hibernia' started by Ucallme, Mar 20, 2005.

  1. Ucallme

    Ucallme Banned


    Finally got you <giggles>

    3 - 1 to you, the come back has started!!! :p

  2. thaaadi

    thaaadi Fledgling Freddie

    how many friends did you bring last time to beat him?
  3. Ucallme

    Ucallme Banned

    was 1 on 1 :)

    had nice duels with ramii :)

  4. Kained_again

    Kained_again Fledgling Freddie

    If he said himself and 15 mushrooms would that be a problem? :p
  5. Rami

    Rami One of Freddy's beloved

    was luck! :twak:

    And comeback? pfft, 10-1 to me within 2 weeks! :cheers:
  6. Ucallme

    Ucallme Banned

    hehe :p

    Haven't seen you around, chicken i bet :p

  7. Rami

    Rami One of Freddy's beloved

    4-1 :p
  8. Ucallme

    Ucallme Banned

    :) 4 - 10 to me by the end of the year :p

  9. Rami

    Rami One of Freddy's beloved

    heh, prolly not.

    #1. I pwn you
    #2 my NS is retiring
    #3 Ding RR6! :m00:
  10. Ucallme

    Ucallme Banned

    gah! and gratz for RR6 well done

  11. Lufax

    Lufax Fledgling Freddie

    Gratzs :m00: :eek2:
  12. Siphon

    Siphon Fledgling Freddie

    Rami is a n00b :x
  13. dimerian

    dimerian Fledgling Freddie

  14. Downanael

    Downanael Fledgling Freddie

    500-10 tbh!
  15. Rami

    Rami One of Freddy's beloved

    5 - 1 :p
  16. Ucallme

    Ucallme Banned

    Hey! you cant count that as a win when albs added on us both


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